Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pumpkin Ale & Raspberry Xingtea!

The Green Tea
The other day, I mentioned my visit to whole foods for a sushi Dinner. I also purchased a Raspberry Green Tea Drink. I wasn't sure I'd even like it & after reading the serving sizes.. I saw this can has 2 servings. Gradually through dinner and the rest of the night I drank this enormous drink. Since lately I've been a bit bored of just water.. I wanted to get something new for this dinner & I'm glad I did!

The Pumpkin Ale
Recently a friend supplied our apartment with different kinds of beer from Harpoon. The Pumpkin struck my interest, it reminded me of October being SO close! I seemed to have been one of the only fans of this Pumpkin Ale, but that's alright. One of my roommates declared "It tastes like Halloween!" & I quite agree, who wouldn't like some halloween beer?
Looks so cool! & If you like pumpkin & spice, I'd recommend this ale.
& of course I don't plan on drinking beer very often! I just had to taste this :] I felt very full after drinking this.. *I don't drink much, when I do it's some wine with dinner. I've never been able to comfortably drink a whole bottle of beer myself- When I do it's Carona, when having pizza, sushi... and other yummy things that go so well with beer.

I have classes from 3:30- 6:15 & another from 7:00- 10:15! 
I'm glad I made dinner so when I come home from my short break I can eat fast & get over to class. I was already late last time when I went to the wrong side of campus & decided to wait till people showed up. :} Nobody came. I had to call my roommate to check my schedule to tell me I was very-much in the wrong place. Thankfully I got there in time for attendance! This time I plan on getting a better seat.

I had to sit in the middle of a row in the 2nd row. I always feel trapped in those areas. I'd much rather sit on a side so I can get up & not feel like I'm bothering everyone around me. We also ended up watching a film... I  felt like the lady with a huge hat on in the front row. I didn't have  a hat on but still couldn't help but feel I was blocking the screen. In reality I'm sure i wasn't.. it's just one of those days you feel HUGE in silly situations.

good afternoon!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinner Time! Lemon Garlic Turkey-balls

I was in the mood for cooking tonight! This should make it easier for the rest of the week :]

The turkey balls were great with brocoli & in the back is Arizona :]
I made these the same way I made my other Turkey balls  except I added more fresh garlic & lemon zest :] The lemon really changed it up! The brocoli also has some garlic in it.


Whoa! Busy Busy

The pressure of Senior year is starting to take action. I'm glad my weightless lightbulb came better than never!


Class @ 8:30 (Gets me up in the morning!)

There is time to go back home, drop off my paints & go to the gym before my next class at 3:30 

That's as far as I've gotten as of right now.

It's unbelievable how much more energy I have now! I remember my past years in College... I would come home from class & crash. I was always in bed, and when I wasn't in bed I was eating or half asleep in classes.

I forgot my snack this morning. I've been trying to bring a baggie of cereal or something ( our classes are 3 hours long each). The one day I start to feel empty :] of course that's the day I forget my baggie. I felt horrible, my professor was talking to us & I kept having to step out. It sounds silly- but I'd rather not have my stomach making huge "monster growling noises" in the middle of a relatively quiet class.

Yesterday I went to a Chinese Buffet with two of my roommates.
I feel I did very well. I didn't eat till I dropped! Most of the foods at the buffet were things I would eat but when it came down to what went on my plate... I didn't actually want those things!
This Buffet had a great Sushi Bar :] & I did have a Rangoon!<3
I love Spider Rolls! (coincidentally, I'm known for being terrified beyond belief of  real spiders :) I get teased for this)

Then later... the same day, Panera Bread for dinner. That's a lot of going out hu?

Turkey Artichoke Panini- this was so good! I had half there & half later on when I got hungry again.

I wrote now, incase I don't have time to write later! I have some homework to catch up on later. This was a relaxing break between classes.

I hope everyone had a great Monday!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

12th Weight Watchers Weigh In!

This WEEK! I lost 7 lbs (whoa total shock! goodbye plateau! )
I feel great!
This was the "%10 lost of my original body weight" marker
Current: 282 lbs
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Total Lost: 38 lbs!

Changes I've noticed...

  • My self confidence!
  • Self Respect
  • Clothes
  • Energy Level
  • Overall Happiness :]

& Maybe some not so good things I've noticed.. 

  • Me Talking about the Gym 
  • Talking about food
  • It seems like all I talk about recently is weight loss & food.

All these things area great. But BELIEVE ME I've been talking about them too much. I don't want friendships to change.
This is just a huge part of my life now... still adjusting.

But since these are all things I can change (quite easily! especially since I'm aware :] ) I'll work on it.

Let's keep it up :] & stay positive. I know if I wasn't staying positive through my plateau I wouldn't have done so well this week. I'm happy I did it & thank you for the awesome encouragement.


Yesterday [ Updated Today! ]

I'm thankful to everyone in my life for being so supportive, in any situation.
There was so much going on yesterday! For the most part yesterday wasn't so great. My dad DID have his surgery & everything IN surgery went well. But to make a long story short, he is in the ICU for now. He is prone to having strokes (off of his medication & he is- for the surgery).

 Then, my brother ended up going to the doctors for a check up. The appointment was originally assigned to him as extra credit for one of his science classes. Anyways, he went, took some blood tests & was told to go to the ER. He was low in iron & red blood cells. Yesterday he had blood transfusions. Tomorrow he will have more tests done to find out why...

I am normally good with keeping my cool... but yesterday was a lot to handle. Thankfully my mom, our family friends & my brother's friends made the situation less stressful.

I'm writing this today to just get everything out there! I didn't have many people to talk to about this. Everything is looking better today :]


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying New Things :]

I was pleasantly surprised after trying the new Activia parfait (6 PP)! It was fabulous, I tried the 'Mixed Berry' Flavor. I'm so glad  I tried these :] they weren't where the other Activias were (for me at least) & I switched these out for the originals I had already put in my cart.

I also started my day off with a 'Special K Protein Shake (5 PP)' - in Milk Chocolate. The label indicated there IS Milk & Soy in this product. It tasted a lot like what I recall 'Chocolate Boost' tasted like. This kept me satisfied for about 2 and a half hours ( I try and eat every three hours ). I will buy both again, though maybe not the Special K as much -only because it was a bit pricey (College Student here!)
Had the shake in the morning. I had the yogurt after I came back from a night class.. I'll have to plan  these later classes out better.

My dinner. It was getting too late to defrost anything! Sliced up a banana & had some Chocolaty Delight with Almond Milk :]

Looks like a bowl of banana

Monday, August 22, 2011

Face your fears

Refreshing snack after the gym!

To answer my own question! haha
-My fear was 'being judged',people are programed to judge- no matter what you do (I'm guilty of judging people!) anyways, I faced it as soon as I got a chance today!( we got out of class early) The gym at my college is actually really nice &  they had the machine I like (arc trainer) :]
I worked out for about 20 minutes & I might just go back later on today depending on how tired I am after my next class.
20 minutes doesn't sound like much, especially when I think about what I was doing back at the Y. Today is only the 1st day of the rest of the week & this year. I'm proud of myself.

This afternoon..
Turkey, Lettuce, swiss & hummus wrap. Trying to keep away from mayo..  the hummus was defiantly a tasty alternative!
I bought some tea the other day, after a small sip, I realized it was way too strong for me. I've been adding lot's of ice & water to this tea.

After eating this wrap... I was satisfied for a very long time. It was almost too much. Next time I'll try and cut it in half & save some for later. Not all at once :]
Also, this afternoon I was at Target with some friends & after checkout I had a very strange dizziness come over me( I had to find a place to just sit down).... my friends thought I was maybe hungry & should eat. I feel like it must be something else. I'm not sure what! I 'll be keeping a  close eye on it & maybe visit a doctor this friday * no class on fridays!*

Good afternoon!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Road Trip!

Unpacked, ready to start classes tomorrow morning (this morning really).
I'll be adding more later on tomorrow :] everything's been so busy, moving back anyplace usually is.

Tomorrow will be my 1st day in the school gym. Kinda scary... why is it so scary?
All I do know is if I don't go tomorrow..I'll probably not end up going. Let's start off the right way.


Friday, August 19, 2011

MMMM...Delicious Chicken Dinner!

Flavorful Onion Baked Chicken
We had no real marinade, so I made some! this turned out so great :]
I let the chicken marinate for about an hour + 1/2 in a mixture of Makoto Ginger Dressing, Lemmon Juice & Chopped up Garlic.
I also Chopped up half of a large onion & covered the chicken in the onions.
The chicken was baked with tin foil on top to keep everything from geting too dry. The last few minutes I put the oven on broil (uncovered) to just to get some nice color.

I tend not to measure & go by what looks right. My mom hates when I do that

I havn't been in the mood to make rice (again) these turned out wonderful aswell

Another Shabbat Dinner at home! The last of summer 2011! 

I move in tomorrow!!! We start driving tomorrow morning :] we hope t leave by 10 & get there about noon or 1- ish.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plateau, for me!? You really shouldn't have...

A few days away from actually moving back to school! Lot's of mixed feelings going on concerning going back.
I weighed in today.. this will be my 10th week on weight watchers :]
These past few weeks have me believing I'm having what they call a "weight-loss plateau" I weighed in as 289.9 this week (last week was 289.4).  I can see how this could be discouraging & I really have no idea how long this is supposed to happen for. I'm sure there is no magic number! :] I'm staying positive & on track.
I'll be back on track with the blogs when I'm settled at school!I'm looking forward to taking my new habits back to school with me. I don't think it will be easy, school is were I really lost control in the first place( I wasn't "in control" before school,but it got worse when I had nobody to answer to).

I've talked to my roommates & they know what i've been up to this summer.Like everyone else so far...they were very supportive.

Oh yeah!!! tomorrow is going to be my last day at the gym (this gym) I will be aquatinting myself to the gym at school just as soon as it opens.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Really busy? or losing motivation?

"riddle me this.."

'losing motivation':
I just feel that when I started, I was really "IN IT" ( I don't even want to write about losing motivation...because I feel it will allow me to lose it more) I'm feeling differently now. I think it's just this transition from school to home & I hope I've just really busy lately! I  haven't been to the gym in what will be 4 days & I miss it. Workouts are a great outlet... so many things are coming up this week!

looking back now.. all these things sound like excuses
Who did I write this list for? Was it for me? Justifying myself-TO MYSELF?? what?
I need to pack
Finish a few projects I promised I'd finish before leaving!
finish shopping  -if possible :[
Lots of laundry
 curve balls: These things got a lot more difficult after my mom injured her leg somehow :[ Now I'm  taking care of her (not bad,just adds more to the list)
curve balls

My dad needs surgery & it's scheduled for after I leave for school.. this doesn't add to my list right now.. but everyone is very high stress. I understand we all have so much going on now.

I'm tracking, going out of my way to be more active (since I haven't been to the gym for a while now) Weight Watchers Online has so many great recipes I'll have to try once I get settled in school.

I made eggplanet tonight for dinner! was delicious & I'll take pictures next time, i expect i'll be in less of a rush ;}

I will NOT be having pizza :[ that was a horrible greasy experience last time! no need to re- visit.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Wow ... Seriously?!" - Thanks

%5  of my original body weight LOST!!! yay High note.(-0.4 this week)
Link: Some sweet reading on the topic of losing %5 of your original body weight. 
Alright, so this will be my 1st weigh in on a new scale. One scale was very off & one may have been more accurate (it would have been easier to tell where I actually am if I was able to use the scale at the WW meeting ) but who knows... I'lll live. But I think it was a real bitter end to my day * it could have been worked out, no problem.
I have absolutely NOTHING against Weight Watchers. I'm still Online. 

The dilemma: The scale at my local Grocery store read I don't think I lost -16 lbs this week.
The second scale I tried was more believable read 289.4 would have been - 0.4 for this week.
 I was hoping to explain this situation to the women at the front desk of WW. I did & walked away very confused & disappointed. She wouldn't let me weigh myself ? FIRST OF ALL... Weight Watchers is supposed to be helping people & i'd imagine something like this would be some kind of silly "oh yeah sure, I understand..." kind of situation.

This is several hours later & I'm clearly still upset. This may sound very petty, but this whole lifestyle change has been very important to me, I just feel this could have been taken care of better. I was offered no help. It just felt like a friend you had for so long..kinda just turns their back on you...saying "meh.."

The responsibility IS MINE to have a scale of course.-Yes
I'll be purchasing a scale of my own :] when I get to school. The less we have to bring over the better!
I won't let this damper my attitude towards WW or WWO in any way! It eels good to let out some of these frustrations here.

I will stick with the scale at the gym! so I'm counting my -0.4!!!
This will be my last week home for the SUMMER!! WOW , went by way too fast :p


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie & a Haircut!

...Not at the same time, of course!
Tonight I was finally able to see The Rise of The Planet of The Apes! Ugh, it was wonderful, more than I'd expected( so many great references from past Planet of the Apes films ). I couldn't find anyone to see it with till tonight. I have a friend who is wonderful enpough to cut my hair & she did a great job.

I've been super busy buying clothes & getting everything ready for going back to school. Last minute things before I leave!

Tomorrow is my day to weigh myself.. for the first time on another scale at the gym! I'm pretty nervous. I love weight watchers online. I think i've been able to look around a lot now & it was so easy to get started, everything is there, super organized.

On a kind of sad note.. Mokey, My fish of two years now died this afternoon. I really LOVE  fish & any type of marine/ water animals. He was named Mokey after Mokey Fraggle :]
I'll end this on some really beautiful pictures I got of him!
Mokey Fraggle, so sweet

At some point he DID get a much bigger tank :] he wasn't in this small bowl for 2 years


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tonight's Dinner! & Continuation [Photos]

Tonight's Dinner: 
Taco Shell , Boca meat , Fresh Guacamole & Sour Cream

The Guacamole was actually very nice. I'm normally a bigger fan of the California Avocados. In my last post I had a picture of the Florida Avocado  we were given by a friend.
Guacamole {Florida Avocado} Recipie here!
MMM this was great but ended up not eating the whole thing, it was very filling. I didn't want to force anything, I've noticed since starting WW I have never been totally stuffed. I've been satisfied & that really makes a difference. I was eating to eat it's different. :]

Just to show how I made the bowl type tortilla. I forgot where I found this. ( I will definitely try & find who I got this from!) Anyways, I just took  one of our smaller mugs & shaped the tortilla around the mug. Then baked it till it was crispy & took shape to the mug. Very nice trick! haha

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Joined Weight Watchers Online!

Beautiful blue skies, I didn't even see the flag till later :] how great is that?
Weight Watchers Online Movement, Yeah!
Sadly, this means no more meetings :[ it's too bad too! I was making some great friends & meeting some really great new people. I will sincerely miss seeing these ladies & gents that attended these meetings with me.
I was able to take advantage of their Online deal & signed up 2 weeks before I'd actually be going back to school. As I'm writing this I realize this is a real blessing! I am now able to kind of "feel this new experience of Weight Watchers out" at home. By the time I get back to college it won't be such a huge change (ww wise). It's exciting since I wasn't sure how to count my past weeks on WW i started from the weight I'am right now.
I love smelling these whenever I pass by!
My two favorites in the front yard
Tonight: Shabbat Dinner!

MMM this challah was so fresh, I love when they have sesame seeds on-top. 

We ran out of marinade for our meats. Thought we'd give this one a shot. I'll use it tomorrow on the Kabobs I'll be making

One of my dad's friends has a tree & gave us a  huge Florida Avocado- I'll be using that tomorrow also  

MM! I spiced up these potatoes for dinner,everone loved them. I just cut 3 potatoes up, sprinkled Italian Herb, Salt, Pepper, Paprika & Olive oil (very little, enough to cover potatoes lightly) then baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Steak, usually we have chicken on friday nights.. but I'm not complaining & nobody else was either haha :)

I have more pictures to add from tonight, but blogger is giving me a hard time placing them in the right places!? :[ I'll figure it out tomorrow! It's getting too late.
I'm also getting used to the Weight Watchers Online site, everything seems very organized & easy to go along with! I'm impressed WW. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it right away haha.


8th Weigh In Jitters!!

From Philippe Halsman's: Jumpology
For the 1st time, out of all the weigh in's, I'm not 100% sure why I felt so anxious before this one. I'm usually pretty laid back.. but when anxiety comes- it's evident.
 Anyways, Some good news at the scale tonight! This week I was -4.2 lbs! Totally physced, I thought I would's so hard to tell how the week went till the weigh in. It's strange though, I haven't done anything to make myself think I would actually gain. It's hard to grasp the idea of actually doing well.
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current: 289 lbs
Lost: 30.2 lbs!

30, I wonder what that actually looks like!?
I've told my close friends what I have been up to this summer, everyone is being so supportive & genuinely seem happy for me. That really makes a difference, it's great to have people to relate & talk to.

So, I've been on the search for a great new cereal... CHEERIOS! Yup, I've discovered multi-grain Cheerios!
They are not sugary, yet they are sweetened, like the honey cheerios. YUM- so glad I tried these.
TWO weeks left till school. I have to check about moving to Weight Watchers Online soon! There is a deal I don't want to miss- I think it ends on the 6th

Gotta get a move on :] Going to bed delighted!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Middle

Tomorrow is my next weigh in! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Reminds me of "I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies!.."
I wonder if it matters that I have my ''visitor" this week? Should be fine. Right!?

I had a great workout session today. I'm also feeling like I'm back on track, keeping a good mindset. 
 For dinner I made the best eggplant I've ever made! It took me hours to prep & it was gone in less than 7 minutes! hahha  I don't mind at all. I love cooking for my family, especially when they love what I'm making. What a great feeling :]

 I love this show! The whole family in 'The Middle' is super lovable & funny. This summer I end up watching it with my mom (she absolutely loves it also!) every wednesday night.
I know TV isn't great quality time.. but at nights we do kick back & enjoy a TV show or two. I've found this show to be very warm & just what I need usually!
Personally: a cute, funny, feel-good show 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome August!

I'm ready!

Wow, time is really  flying! I must be having a blast because I only have 2 more weeks till I go back to school. This afternoon I accompanied my dad to a doctors appointment in Miami Beach area. I love the architecture & general feel of Miami. It's usually very sunny * real summer weather* but today .. it was more *tornado warning weather *. It was still beautiful! :] Oh, & like I was saying before! If I had another camera that was more convenient I would take it all over with me & capture all these great scenes.  Something else my camera doesn't have is video capabilities :[ That would be another plus for this other camera. - ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE: I was in a friends neighborhood the other day & apparently peacocks live in their area.. cool hu? I feel so sheltered. I've only seen peacocks in the zoo or animal reserve. Anyways it was gorgeous, you could tell it was used to humans, since it let me get so close.

My Weakness..Why are they all so perfect together?!

My BIG Food Mistake: Like I said, I accompanied my dad to a doctors appointment. We were in the waiting room for more than an hour. My mistake was not eating before I left + not bringing a snack.
Long story short- I came home & ate lot's of what i shouldn't while making dinner. hahah
It was easy to take the cheese & crackers out and pop open a nice bottle of Pinot.
Right now I am -8 points :p. Thank goodness I have activity points from yesterday left over.

The glasses I got * they ended up being by: Cosmopolitan- "Book Smart"
I got new glasses & can see now. What a deal! Very happy with these so far.


Wallflower's Progress