Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie & a Haircut!

...Not at the same time, of course!
Tonight I was finally able to see The Rise of The Planet of The Apes! Ugh, it was wonderful, more than I'd expected( so many great references from past Planet of the Apes films ). I couldn't find anyone to see it with till tonight. I have a friend who is wonderful enpough to cut my hair & she did a great job.

I've been super busy buying clothes & getting everything ready for going back to school. Last minute things before I leave!

Tomorrow is my day to weigh myself.. for the first time on another scale at the gym! I'm pretty nervous. I love weight watchers online. I think i've been able to look around a lot now & it was so easy to get started, everything is there, super organized.

On a kind of sad note.. Mokey, My fish of two years now died this afternoon. I really LOVE  fish & any type of marine/ water animals. He was named Mokey after Mokey Fraggle :]
I'll end this on some really beautiful pictures I got of him!
Mokey Fraggle, so sweet

At some point he DID get a much bigger tank :] he wasn't in this small bowl for 2 years


Wallflower's Progress