Friday, February 8, 2013

Weigh-In & Workout DVDs!

This Week = -2.5 lbs 
Current Weight= 266 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 54 lbs

So, at some point this week it occurred to me I'm officially well into the 60's (266). I think 269or 8 were too close to the 70's, where I've been stuck at for a while. So, that's kinda super awesome to adjust to these new numbers!

One of my buddies from WW meetings was giving away some of her workout DVDs, since nobody wanted them... I took them off her hands. hahha
hahha I havn't done these yet but I plan to this weekend :)

hahah I never thought I'd own anything that had to do anything with Richard Simmons.. don't know why. Haha what a cutie!

These I made for my parents..since they requested it after dinner 

Since I'm not having chocolate atm I decided to make a fruit smoothie!

This morning I got my consultation and I'll have a scheduled date for my gallbladder being removed by monday. When I spoke to the Dr.  he said I'd be out the same day! :)

This was a late update... AHH! my weigh-in is on Saturday morning.
I'm feeling so bloated and tired (the gym helped a bit) but I don't know what the scale will be looking like. Normally I have a scale at home that is 3 lbs. off from the WW scale but the battery for that is dead.
we will see!
Good night & TGIF!!!

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