Friday, July 22, 2011

Pills & I

As far as I can remember I was always horrible at taking pills. At some point you are expected to swallow pills like it's nothing. For me it's always been a huge challenge!
I would spend hours in the kitchen with a glass of water in front of me trying to keep medicine down. My parents tried everything!

  • Crushing ( you are not supposed to do this but at the time we were..)
  • Making a shake (the shake would taste horrible & just made it worse! Can you imagine drinking a whole shake with an overwhelming medicine taste? )
  • Drink &  swallow FAST! ( I felt like I would choke every time & spit it up) 
At some point I remember having to tell my doctors before they write up my script to have the  pills be crushed & made into a liquid form in pharmacy! * I could see this working for some people* for me the taste was a factor & I remember getting even sicker. I'd rather not get into details. It's for the best, believe me! haha

I do have a strategy now that i'm older & have had time to work on it. My strategy involves having a small amount of food ( I'm sure there is medication where you shouldn't be eating , I haven't run into that problem yet!). Anyways you chew the food LIKE USUAL & before you swallow hide the pill inside what you are about to swallow. This sounds kind of gross writing this, but it's absolutely helped me!



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