Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unofficial Weigh-In & Small Vacation!


Weigh-In wise, I was unable to go to WW meeting this past week. I usually keep track of my weight at home and at the meetings. So, that was helpful this week when I couldnlt use the scale at WW. I was down 1 pound from my last week!
So, it's a loss- but getting back will be nice :)
I had actually planned on going a day erlier than I usually do...but then thaattt day I had to leave earlier than expected initially!

Just got done watching Dexter! O: Uhh, i just want to know everything...right now!


This past week was very exciting! I went to the Spooky Empire Horror Convention this weekend! I saw so many great people! Ahh what's whith all the explimation points!? I don't know, but I'm still pretty excited...
My favorite part was sitting in on a Q&A with R.L Stine, he was there promoting his new adult novel.  Knowing he was going to doa  signing, i brought along my copy of The Haunted Mask! What a nice guy, sincerely, it was wonderful meeting such a nostalgic figure...

I'll be updating with some real pictures :}
and real words making real sentences.... at this point my brain checked-out for the night!
I'm exhausted from this awesome trip!

UPDATED :)....

I chose The Haunted Mask :} Since it was Halloween & my favorite GB.

I choose from the Goosebumps I had in my room, the rest are in storage :{. I kept some of my favorites in storage.
Like the choose your own endings.

Hope everyone else has been doing well! 

for now-
Good night!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early Weigh-In Update :]

All packed ready the trip to Orlando for HHN22!!!
This Weeks WWeigh-In

This Week = -2 lbs
Current Weight= 274 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 45 lbs
earned another 5 lb star!!
I'll be going back to my usual Saturday morning weigh-ins after this.
Yay! A loss :] Phew.. 2 lbs lost (totally unexpected).

I was feeling the need for chocolate this week... and maybe I kinda bought myself a bag of chocolate chips. Yeah, I did that, the bad part was that it went into my room! Not the kitchen.. my room. So, after realizing I was not able to controllllll myself with this bag of chocolate I decide it's better for me to throw them out! They were melted down the drain. Probably not the way you are supposed to get rid of chocolate, or anything for that matter, but that's how it goes :/

Of Course, I'd prefer being able to control myself with what I eat... but I went about this all wrong. Next time I want some chocolate I'll make sure it's individual...and not some family sized bazooka bag.

Hope everyone has a great week/end
I'll be back Sunday or Monday :]

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WW Weigh-In!! My week In PICTURES! :D

I'm a bit late updating! 

This Weeks WWeigh-In

This Week = +0.6 lbs
Current Weight= 276.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 43 lbs

This week was a bit of a gain, I'm having a hard time thinking of what this past week was like. My mouth is throbbing from a dentist visit I had this afternoon. The numbness is gone, now I can actually feel what's going on! Needless to say we'll be having soft foods tonight, eggplant & manicotti :] yum.
I wish this was how it really went...

I LOVE AVOCADOS...that is all.

breakfast My eggs are 1 regular egg with egg white mixed in, spinach, a slice of multi grain bread toasted with regular cream-cheese and a nice cold glass of Arizona tea/ water.

Green Monster Shake (My Recipe *just with more Spinach*)

look who is beggin for some shake :P

This is an individual Activia yogurt with multi-grain Cheerios on top

 I like the crunch the cheerios add to  this snack

This weekend I'll be going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. My WW Weigh-In will be moved up to this thursday. 

 Ahhh.. I'm pretty excited for the ''scare zone"/ maze area that was designed off The Walking Dead!
I've been going with the same group of friends since 2000, it's crazy to think we've been going for almost 13 years.

I went to the gym yesterday and will be going tomorrow! :] as for right now I think I'll go lay down.

Good Afternoon!

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