Saturday, March 30, 2013

Testing testing ( small update) (-:

1st things 1st
There are a few first things. I am carefully typing this post through my phone! This is very exciting! Hello everybody! I'm new to the 2000's! Seriously excited... There is a blogger app and weight watchers app. The weight watchers app will be of more use when I become a monthly member. (I've been paying by week)! So all those things are probably more exciting than they should be!

My next 1st thing (haha) is I finally had my gallbladder removed! The surgery was 11am yesterday the 29th. Everything went well :) and I suppose I'll be recovering for a little. I forgot to weigh- in on Thursday ( since Ww meetings in my area ,at least don't happen on Friday mornings).

I've been sleeping a lot and pre- made myself lots of yummy matzo ball soup beforehand! Btw happy Passover and almost Easter.

Some of my frustrations that keep me from updating are
1. My slow horrible terrible Internet connection in my room

That's about it... Some good news now is this app. The wifi on my phone is way better :/ weird hu? Same wifi different devices. I had my computer " fixed" once and now it's just not the same. That was a while ago! Anywho, I'll be stopping now haha.
So, recovering, sleeping, blogger and Netflix app (another omg wtf thank you) liquids and the unfortunate getting up and sitting down to pee! Tmi? Sorry :p I'm not seeing anyway to add pictures at this very moment!
Back to sleep! These meds are heavy duty! I'm hoping when I look back at what I wrote I wasn't just pressing numbers and symbols!

Last thing!!! I love this!! Found how to add pics! Here are some from the past week ! You know, Passover, dogs, and more Passover :)

Good morning
Wallflower <3

Wallflower's Progress