Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fresh Florida Oranges & blueberry wine! 36th WW Weigh-In

Staying the same-ish.... 

It's crazy when your state is known for something, like oranges, then  you find some of the produce in the market isn't local... hahah what?
I miss having orange trees around

Before hurricanes ruined our trees, we had several fruit trees on our yards. I remember spending an evening with my family making fresh orange juice for the house! :]

Anyways, I found some local oranges this week! I also was on the search for a blue wine bottle for a project I had last week.  It took a while but I found a blue bottle, it just so happened the wine was also from Florida :}.  Took a while to actually have  taste since I've been busy with projects. I decided to finally give it a try last night, just a sip, since I was still working on projects. The blueberry wine was actually very good!

here's their site!

also a link to a site showing a group visiting the winery :]

Good afternoon!

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