Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

Recently one of my roommates moved out & took along her blender... I was probably the only one that used it hahha (so I decided to get myself a new kitchen toy!)
There was a budget, it was small, I was able to find one that fit the budget!  It was perfect for what I was looking for. The blender small self serve, good for your own personal shake/drink of choice. I was also surprised how fast it broke down everything I put in my shakes, frozen banana, frozen strawberry,shake powder,ice,jelly & peanut butter. The blender comes with one button "pulse".. no fancy options that seemed to do the same thing in the end anyways. :p There is a feature to wrap the chord around the bottom so it's not laying around outside on the counter, easy to put away. So far I'm happy with it, the only thing I need to adjust to is the amount of content I put inside the blender :] fills up faster than you think! * this is after being used to a family sized/ regular blender... this is for one drink- good for me... maybe not somebody else :]
The lid
Ready to drink, from the blender
The bottom allows you to wrap the chord into the bottom :]
Picasa has changed & I'm not sure I want to deal with it anymore if I don;t have to... how do you all upload your photos from? I've noticed that even when you are uploading from your computer & haven't seleced are using picasa. I need to see if flickr has a way to easily post pictures onto blogger. I'd much rather go through flickr!


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