Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early Weigh-In Update :]

All packed ready the trip to Orlando for HHN22!!!
This Weeks WWeigh-In

This Week = -2 lbs
Current Weight= 274 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 45 lbs
earned another 5 lb star!!
I'll be going back to my usual Saturday morning weigh-ins after this.
Yay! A loss :] Phew.. 2 lbs lost (totally unexpected).

I was feeling the need for chocolate this week... and maybe I kinda bought myself a bag of chocolate chips. Yeah, I did that, the bad part was that it went into my room! Not the kitchen.. my room. So, after realizing I was not able to controllllll myself with this bag of chocolate I decide it's better for me to throw them out! They were melted down the drain. Probably not the way you are supposed to get rid of chocolate, or anything for that matter, but that's how it goes :/

Of Course, I'd prefer being able to control myself with what I eat... but I went about this all wrong. Next time I want some chocolate I'll make sure it's individual...and not some family sized bazooka bag.

Hope everyone has a great week/end
I'll be back Sunday or Monday :]

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