Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

What Happened to Sunshine State!? 
The weather was pretty horrible this afternoon. There were weather watches later into the night as well.  When I know I'm not going to the Y I make plans to walk for about 20 minutes close to home. That didn't happen. I will be going to the Y tomorrow.

Since i've been out and about more now, there was so much I was missing. Appreciating the outdoors and nature in general *not that I didn't before,but now I ca actually EXPERIENCE it for myself.

This morning I was at somebody's house where they had an amazing butterfly garden.It was amazing how many butterflies there were! I would love to start a garden & as a matter of fact I bought some seeds to start planting last month & later researched the flowers I wanted to plant were poisonous! I don't think I can handle that, we have very curious dogs at home.

I remember one was called Foxglove.They looked so lovely! I was super excited until I did my research :{

Maybe I'll plant them in the front yard? It's totally separated from the back..

Tonight's Dinner! I woke up super exhausted from waking up so early & the rain *ugh today was a slow lazy afternoon. My parents were eating & made me a baked potato :} Since I didn't want sour cream I stir fried some onions and mushrooms! quick fix! 

But wait... why was I still hungry afterwards I drank & ate.. it's not as if I didn't have enough, the potato was a decent size. Maybe I'm missing something? I waited just to see if I would feel full a little later.

Going to bed a little confused :P + Oh! going to the Y tomorrow!



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