Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foot Issue?

Looks about right!
Turns out this is something that ended up doing more bad than good. I thought my foot would get better after a bit (before my muscles were sore, this time my foot). One healed & then I decided to get back into running again. I'm going to choose losing more weight before I start running again. :] It's one more thing to look forward to. Although I'm a bit upset I hurt myself like this. I'm not %100 sure what I did but it hurts when I the end of the day it's worse. I'm debating going to the labs tonight because my foot is hurting and the walk is longer than it usually feels.

My foot & the homework/ project due thursday has been keeping me from being able to work out (another reason I'm upset with's keeping me from being more active). If my foot hurts past friday I may have to go to the doctors :/ 
Let's hope it doesn't get to that point. Thinking about explaining to my Dr. (whom I don't know) that I hurt my foot running... :D.....

Alright! this was a nice little break. I think I'll head over to the working labs now (get some homework done). I'll just walk a little funny haha & slow.

Again:] on the upside!
Sometimes I watch movies while im sketching & brainstorming. I've been meaning to see Bridesmaids because Kristen Wiig is hilarious! The women cast in this movie are so perfect.. I couldn't stop laughing ( it was a bad choice to try and use as background noise -that was my mistake) I don't regret it though. :)

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Kristen's kind of humor :]


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