Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ECXITED!!! (What did I miss!?)

I'm still on the WW program, I actually signed up for the Monthly Pass (it's cheaper than paying every week).
The last time I weighed in (here) I was 266.4

Currently I'm= 270.4
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 49 

I was off track and gained 5lbs while on 'vacation' for a few weeks!
Not okay! especially since it was so hard getting out of 270's in the 1st place.

Since my last entry, I have not been on Blogger at all! Let me just say, sincerely.. it feels so homey seeing everyones posts again and seeing the different blogs/ styles of writings and so on... (it's like walking back into your home after being away for a long time and seeing where you left all your things..)

So to continue with this (blog/ everyones blog) as another great weightloss tool..

It's also kind of funny because tonight a show I found very inspiring is coming back to air! TONIGHT! kinda excited? YES!

ABC's Extreme Makeover 
Weigh-loss Edition with Chris Powell!

It may be a bit of a turn off to some people( it being a tv show and so on) but I love the show and have found it useful in my own weigh-loss journey. This show was almost like my weekly reminder of what I was doing and that it's all very possible. Not easy but possible :)

It's nice being home sweet home (blog wise) haha
Good Night!

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