Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally! - Some free time! :)

Hello Blog!
Today was my weigh in day & as I expected I gained. I was up 2 Pounds.... I guess my vacation did me in a bit. When I say "vacation".. I mean me. It was me who made my "not so great food choices".
It's as if I forgot what I was doing.
Current Weight: 277
Total loss: -43
My 1st step back into "my world" was the shopping.... bought all my fruits veggies meats & wheat bread.
I'm excited to get back into it... the problem was me thinking to myself "this one meal won't make a difference" and so on but several times. When I think about it now I feel the better food choices would have made me feel better in general. Did I enjoy what I was eating on vacation? sure... was it worth 2 lbs? NO WAY! :) I'll keep this in mind.
I'm still waiting on some pictures from the trip! I'll have to ask my friend for some. Especially the fresh water spring we went rafting in.

I'm ready to lose what I gained this past week & more!


( I have some catching up to do on everybody else's blogs!)

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