Sunday, August 26, 2012

WW Weigh In & Tropical Storm Isaac!

Weigh-in Update

July.28.2012 / 294.6 

Aug.4.2012 / 291.0 = -3.6

Aug.11.2012 / 289.4 = -1.6  {Total -5.2}

Aug.18.2012 / 285.4 = -4.0 {Total -9.2}

Aug. .25.12 / 288.0 = +2.6 { Total -6.6}
* these numbers are from  this recent summer. Since it's getting confusing separating my weigh-ins from when I started this summer and last summer I think I'll make list on a separate page soon. Make everything  little easier and less confusing to look at.

I knew I did pretty horribly this week WW wise. Instead I was very UNwise and ate whatever my family ate because I didn't have the energy to make something for myself as I would usually. Horrible excuses! haha Anyways I gained 2.6 Lb's this week! AHHH along with going to the gym...I can't imagine what this week may have been like if there was no gym.
Let me list off some of the things that I faced & did not turn down this week.
I feel like Mabel after she ate all those Smile Dips " Why did I do that?"

  • Canoni's
  • Pizza- not the whole wheat I usually make when I DO choose to have pizza.
  • Italian bread (more white bread)
  • pastry h'orderves ( the bad kind..if there are really any good kinds)
  • cheese and wine

Tracking was kinda an on and off thing..
I was not on top of it this week for sure. But honestly, that 2 lbs kinda kicked me back into gear! At first I felt a little bit like failure, but then I thought bout all those things I could change from this past week.

we saw channel 4 news

This afternoon me and my dad decided to take a trip to the beach, we went yesterday to check out the waves. I took my camera this afternoon. The winds picked up from yesterday, nothing too bad! There were lots of people hanging out watching the waves and taking  walks.

The storm hasn't really effected our area too much! 
usually we lose power.. but surprisingly and thankfully we haven't lost power. The only effects we've had thus far is out cable going out no big deal at all! :]

Good night!!! + can't wait for the sun to come back out!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chobani Grapes+Nuts+PB&J

This is a small bowl, so inside I have 3 full tbs of the Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt (3 pts for 6oz.)
1tsp of Smuckers strawberry Jelly ( 1 pt)
1 tsp of Skippy's Reduced fat Peanut Butter ( 2pts)
About 4 or 5 cut up grapes ( 0 pts) :]
and a few nuts to top it all off ( 1pts)

Total of 7pts WW
I got this total from using an online Points Plus Calculator. I've been having trouble finding my calculator after moving! 

I found this interesting recipe on Skinnytaste
and was surpisd I had even tried it hahaha, not that it doesn't look good, but the last time i tried greek yogurt..I was not  fan. I gave it another shot , I'm glad I did because this was a surprising treat.
The nuts really made this a treat, the added crunch was just perfect.

oh yeah and it was soo easy to make!
 Haha, so even though this my look strange... I'd still give it a shot, because like I said I'm glad I did. Plus Gina from skinny taste made it look so good!

Good night!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weigh-in Update :]

Weigh-in Update Starting from July.28.12

July.28.2012 / 294.6 

Aug.4.2012 / 291.0 = -3.6

Aug.11.2012 / 289.4 = -1.6  {Total -5.2}

Aug.18.2012 / 285.4 = -4.0 {Total -9.2}

I was very shocked, for some reason I had already come to terms that i had gained this week ( I felt so bloated )...but  instead I lost 4lbs! Good news :]
What did I do? Uhhh....I definitely increased my resistance on the arc trainer, I realized it was getting a little to easy. The default resistance number is at 15 and this week I took it up to 17-20 going back and forth.
Going back to meetings is really great, instead of thursdays like before, I'm going on saturday mornings. I was surprised how packed the meetings are on Saturdays though, it's no surprise once you sit in on the meetings, the WW leader on Saturdays is so energetic, funny, informative, and very genuine. This weekend we mainly talked about drinks alcoholic and non...
We had a visiter the other day! He was right next to the screen door, so we tried to open the screen for him to get back out into the world! Instead he jumps off the screen, into some plants then into the pool. My parents were in the pool at the time :} my mom's reaction was priceless. He was a great swimmer, we got him out with a pool net ( we figured the chlorine water  wasn't the best water to be swimming around in). We find some really crazy things in our pool area.

His name is Icarus * ironic..I know, because he is a turtle :P
The other week we found a little turtle in the pool, my mom again had a funny reaction, she thought he was  leaf at first.

Good afternoon & weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Stranger ( Blogger) Let's talk!

All the sudden the other day I had cherries on the brain, they turned out to be perfect! Im guessing they are in season?

This blog was helping me stay on track, I realize that more than ever now that I'm back here...looking through old posts and revisiting people's blogs I followed. Reading what other people were doing helped me keep on track and made it enjoyable.
This will be my 1st week back on WW now WW 2012! I'm kicking myself now because I'll be posting my current weight, I didn't want to look for a while, but it's time to face the facts.
So, this past week I weighed in at  lbs 294.3
It's scary to think I was down to 270's, I plan on revisiting the 70's again but passing it on my way to 60's and so on...

As for what's going on these days..
First, out of the way I graduated college! :D
I'm also living home for a bit, looking for a job, doing some freelance at the same time..
Working out mondays, wednesdays and thursdays (gotta find some better music for working out).
A project that's been on the back burner for too long, my room at my parents. I'm starting off by donating some stuff that's been in my room forever... almost done with this large task. I'll be tackling my closet next.

I really can't wait to start posting here again, I'm also excited to see what everyone else has going on!

Good night!

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