Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tonights Dinner for 4 Points *Plus

Since I'm really not a marinara person most of the time I kept mine plain :] I've been looking online for this brand of  pasta... & I realize now  Mimi's Ravioli actually started these products "Good Health". This Shop is our go to place for getting really great fresh Italian food.

MIMI'S RAVIOLI WEBSITE - if you are a local in South Florida

I am on the Points Plus program with Weight Watchers & I calculated how much these manicotti logs would be :] 2pts for each log! that's great since it was super filling & delicious.

Nutrition Facts on the back (I write how many points things are on the boxes when possible)
I should make a list some day soon! it will help when I get back to college :]

Plain jane,no marinara sauce and lettuce on the side! this really was great though & I love plain lettuce leaves on the side of most dinners. :]

close up on the insides! & it's whole wheat :] what a deal

  • Side Notes!
  • Tomorrow is my next weigh in
  • I went to the gym & worked out for more than two hours today
  • I'll be going tomorrow also , I'm looking forward to working out these days!
  • & I'm nurvouse about my weight in.I don;t know why because I haven't done anything wrong @ least not that I know of. It's scary because I can't tell I lost .6 or a pound & so on.
Find out soon enough!

- Goodnight!


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