Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great weekend at the beach!

As you can see, it was beautiful this weekend!
As much fun as I had with friends & going to the beach, I can't wait to get back to the gym. The waves were actually very strong when we were there. It could be because of the passing storm that missed us...
This picture was taken by my friend & she edited it in this really nifty program her phone. *For now I'm surviving with my "two-halves-make-a-whole-phone". I text on when I'm in a more texting situation & of course the all important talking phone. :) I am allowed a new phone in November! *

I'd like to go to the beach with my camera before I leave & take my own pictures, it really is so gorgeous out there! It's hard to take my DSLR everywhere I'd like*especially to the beach* . At some point I'd like to save up for a smaller more convenient camera- NOT that i don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE my camera now! because I DO!
It's more of a "beginners" DSLR but it was what I needed! really great camera :]

I ended up having 2 slices of pizza for the 1st time even before I started weight watchers. I suppose there weren't many pizza opportunities for a while :p. I'll admit I've been craving it & after I ate my slices... I'm not sure it was as satisfying as it would have been before I started eating better. AL-RIGHTY! body rejected the pizza a little while later. I was way out in the ocean with my friend because the tide was low and there were sandbars going very far back. Unfortunately we were far from the shore! I honestly just felt so horrible & I thought it was because the water was so rough! Sorry if this is gross! But I did end up running over to the bathroom -how inconvenient! 
I learnt my lesson & was pretty shocked at how sick I felt afterwards.
Thanks for nothing greasy pizza! Pizza isn't sounding good to me anymore...
A friend of mine was telling me how to make a really great version that isn't absolutely horrible for you :]
-Whole wheat tortilla - a whole bunch of your favorite veggie toppings! some cheese and marinara...into the oven on a cooking sheet YUM!
that's super easy & simple, I'm sure so many people do this already, I just think it's so great!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

7th Weigh In!

1.4 :] Small but proud.It all adds up!
This week I'm -1.4 lbs !
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current: 294 lbs
Lost: 27lbs

Tonight's meeting was a lot about how most people ,with or without weight issues, think about food. I know for me,  when I'm visiting family in New Jersey WE MEET FOR FOOD. "Let's meet for lunch".. Once we were metting so many people in one day we had one breakfast out,TWO lunches out, AND finally... a

Haha well that's just an example & it's only happened once! haha- I can't justify that day.The point being, food is a social event & there are other things / activities /non activities we could be doing. Just as long as you aren't sitting there thinking about..."what could I be eating right now?"
For me, I love to draw & haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to be *at ALL*. I hate to admit it but throughout this whole summer I've probably picked up a pen/pencil to draw about 3 times.

Tonight was Project Runaway the start of season 9! I seriously can't wait till next weeks episode :]
Who doesn't love Tim?

Oh! Tomorrow is a beach day!!! should be really great & I'm probably going to stay over a friends for a few days.


Good morning! Back on Track

First of all, that was a horrible way to get back on track. <- Yes - established!
I would spend all night with my eyes shut, just hoping to fall asleep. Before I realized, it was morning, daylight was creeping up... THEN i'd start getting sleepy! 
Desperately, yesterday I made the decision not to sleep my afternoon away [despite how tired I may have been]. Bad choices happen.
Some good news: I'm awake this morning! & it's not because I had just stayed up the night before.

I realize the deprivation of sleep I put myself through was not a great idea & am not suggesting it. The way I was sleeping before was far from healthy & kept me from being productive!

Anyways :]
Moonlite Diner

Yesterday, me and my mom met up with a friend for lunch at Moonlite Diner. I ended up getting a really great Panini "Turkey Spinach Panini" with rice on the side. Haha I wasn't in a veggies on the side mood, I also wasn't in the mood to use my points on fries. The sandwich had cranberry mayonaise, swiss cheese. I had never had cranberry mayonaise before, now I know it's mayonaise with cranberry flavor..added by using a jelly. I estimated the points when i got back & it actually wasn't bad at all.

Tonight is another weigh in :]

Good afternoon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lack of Z's

I probably did more harm than good by staying up for a few days to get back on a regular sleeping schedule. It will help me when I get back to school ( I have a few morning classes!) & my metabolism / body will be on a regular clock!
 I DID end up going to the gym, for a few hours energy level was pretty "okay". Haha I thought I'd have to go home early, ended up staying the full 2 hours.

Goodnight!! finally! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to The Gym!

It was so great to be back in the gym again!
I woke up earlier this morning for a dermatologist appointment. I had some cortisone injections (to treat some Keloids on my shoulders / back) in some of the areas I'm having issues in. Hopefully I can keep up with these injections when I'm at school, since they do need to happen about every month for the problem to get better & show results. 
I was able to come back & work at the same level I was a week ago!

Arc Trainer! My favorite :]
I've mentioned the arc trainer before & I was told it would be great for me (at the weight I am ).This  is also supposed to be good for people with bad knees, since there is little stress on your knees on this machine*. I do not have bad or weak knees, but it's good to know there's not going to be extra stress on them. Less Stress for me & my knees - Yes please!
* compared to the elliptical 

I was at the gym for 2 hours today - Hey! I see people working out with me / around me & almost never see anybody else with water?? Weird!! 


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I feel like I just woke up to Professor genius & Bon Bon asking me away to slumberland!(Not actually, but i do feel so much better!) YES
Good morning! Waking up feeling so much better & ready to get back on track (sleep schedule wise & food choice/ schedule wise.

Except without the cookies!haha
Excited to get back to the gym tomorrow
Also, I say "back on track" because since i've been a bit under the weather I haven't been making the best food choices..lot's of orange juice & not eating enough.If you are in Weight Watchers there is a certain amount of food you should be eating...that's one of the reasons we have points.

This was taken last night, my dad points out how gorgeous it is outside & I tried to capture the color in the sky! This was the shot that shows a little bit of what we were seeing. The closer I got the lower & more out of sight the pink got. I guess it's one of those 'had to be there" things?


Friday, July 22, 2011

Pills & I

As far as I can remember I was always horrible at taking pills. At some point you are expected to swallow pills like it's nothing. For me it's always been a huge challenge!
I would spend hours in the kitchen with a glass of water in front of me trying to keep medicine down. My parents tried everything!

  • Crushing ( you are not supposed to do this but at the time we were..)
  • Making a shake (the shake would taste horrible & just made it worse! Can you imagine drinking a whole shake with an overwhelming medicine taste? )
  • Drink &  swallow FAST! ( I felt like I would choke every time & spit it up) 
At some point I remember having to tell my doctors before they write up my script to have the  pills be crushed & made into a liquid form in pharmacy! * I could see this working for some people* for me the taste was a factor & I remember getting even sicker. I'd rather not get into details. It's for the best, believe me! haha

I do have a strategy now that i'm older & have had time to work on it. My strategy involves having a small amount of food ( I'm sure there is medication where you shouldn't be eating , I haven't run into that problem yet!). Anyways you chew the food LIKE USUAL & before you swallow hide the pill inside what you are about to swallow. This sounds kind of gross writing this, but it's absolutely helped me!



Thursday, July 21, 2011

6th Weigh In!

So i've been sick for the last few days :[ I've been drinking so much! Orange Juice,water... LOTS OF IT. I expected to at least gain a pound. I'm not sure why I expect to gain all the time. Anyways, tonight was my 6th weigh in & I lost 3 unexpected pounds! :]

Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current: 295 lbs
Lost: 24 lbs
I slept all day! Had some really amazing chicken soup for dinner tonight! My mom may not be a chef but she is great when it comes to soup. ( & I'm not even a big soup person..)

Very happy & sleepy!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feeling like a Zombie!

Seems like I'm getting a little sick. I woke up with a bit of a tickle in my throat, that's usually a sign! I'm not really one to get headaches either, so when I started getting some that was another good sign. I'm glad I got to work out for a few hours yesterday at least :] I don't think it's a good idea since my head feels all heavy & I'd rather not be the one who got everyone else sick.

I've been sleeping a lot! 
All I have to say is -" I like tuttles"


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A great workout song! Feel-good Upbeat!

 I've been looking for really upbeat tunes for my workout sessions! I honestly can't wait to workout to this. If you click on the video & go to youtube you will see all the info & the tracks used to make this awesome mashup! <3



Saturday, July 16, 2011

No excuses!

I made choices. They seemed right until after I had made them. BUT FIRST!
A view of the beach from the garage! (looking for the one of the umbrellas :] )
The beach was Beautiful today! The water was three wonderful shades of blue. Everyone out there had umbrellas that lined the shore with the cheerful summer feeling you look for when relaxing  at the beach. 

Confessions: I  had a tuna salad sandwich v.s very greasy pizza
The sandwich had mayo & the bread was white *super white, if there is such a thing..*
I honestly didn't even think about the bread until I had gotten it. In my head this was something I could live with eating...

but I'm glad I didn't & even if the pizza & the sandwich are just as bad as each other.. I feel like the intentions were good & I will have to get better at ordering away from home. This was hard for me since this place isa  very small busy place at the beach.


On the confession 2: I HAD STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE-CREAM ..witha  cone.
It was the smallest size. The bad part about this was that I didn't NEED it but had it anyways. We had just laid out on the beach for 3 hours- the cold was so nice! It could have been the best ice-cream cone I had ever had? I will not regret eating this after I write about it here.because really..what's the point of feeling guilty :] I ate it  & it's not like I gained my 21 pounds back. This occasion was very rare & I feel it was a great day {including what I ate} 

OHH!!! & the reason why I do feel a bit bad is because while me and my friend are sitting at the icecream place, I see someone order a fruit smoothie...fresh fruit..uhh BETTER CHOICE ?? heck yes! I would have absolutely gotten that instead.NO LIE. it looked great.
Now I know for next time.

as for the happens!
Let's keep going :]



Friday, July 15, 2011

One Goal down!

One goal down * actually it's two but they were so close :]
I really wanted to be below 300 before I left for school, like I've mentioned already. When I lost 7 lb. the other week it bumped out that goal & also without me realizing I bumped out my 5% goal. I'm feeling it would be good to go for the 10% now and that will be -32 total for me *11 more pounds I think. I hope I'm not doing this wrong. I have about 5more weeks till I go back to College! Mixed feeling :] I seriously miss my roommates but I'm also extremely anxious about this being my senior year.

Anyways! I will have two tickers one with my big goal [ Ideal weight ] ,it's really a lot, so I will make a 10% goal ticker as well. These are great visuals & any extra motivation-I'll take!

I just got back from the gym * 2 hour work out -kinda sluggish I don't think I got enough sleep * & I'm finding some of the levels I was having a hard time with when I first started are getting to be too easy! That's great :] I think so at least. Also great motivation , when you realize your body is getting stronger :] nice.

Happy Friday!
 I think I'm going to the beach tomorrow <3 Haven't been for a while


Thursday, July 14, 2011

5th Weigh In!

-1.4 lbs this week! I'll take it :]
Strating Weight : 320
Current Weight : 298
Lost So Far: 21.4 lbs

1 lb star!
I really started connecting with people at our meetings this week. I'm not much of a talker in general & usually keep to myself. I feel very comfortable knowing these great ladies & wish I wasn't leaving so soon. This loss is smaller than what I've had in the past , but I'm very happy to be having a loss rather than a gain! A little further away from the 300's Oh yeah!!

I'm on the search for some good cereal! There are so many types & I've tried many but I feel like they are still coated in sugar to make them taste better. Labels are tricky & not just talking about points..but straight up natural type cereal. Looking for health, not how many points I can have eating it. I've seen the commercials for the great grains? I think it's called* I'm hearing mixed reviews on that as well.
I've also tried & loved chocolate Delight by Special K... but I wonder what those chocolate substitutes are. I can totally understand how some people wouldn't like the way this chocolate in this cereal feels * but I like it!* It's really not a choice I would want to be going to so often.. maybe once in a while :] I hope this stays on the shelves.
 Still on the search!

I might be staying with a friend sometime this weekend & may end up going out.. I'll see how that goes. I will be unfamiliar with the area & not have internet with me *my cell is pretty old school for now*.

Let's keep going :]


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keeping the positive thoughts going

Distractions! I seriously need some. This means MOVIE TIME & tonight is a Moonstruck night!
Just one of the many movies I get urges to see ever so often. There are so many great scenes in this movie. Also! How bad of me is it that I want eggs in a basket every time I watch this movie..?

& maybe I will one of these days! when I find some good whole wheat bread I'd like to have for breakfast. This will be on my mind from now until I DO have it :].

Tomorrow is my next weigh in! I'm actually pretty nervous , earlier this week I weighed myself & really shouldn't  have. I know the point is not to drive yourself mad by weighing yourself everyday... { & I don't } but I did the other day. I think it was monday & I was at the gym, what can  say, curiosity got the best of me. The scale read 301...meaning for 1.) back in the 300's 
NOW I know it's only by a little & all but I was disappointed to see that number again.
Since then I just feel bigger than before & am feeling less motivated.
That's on one level. On the other hand I know I can't let this hurt me & it will pass. I haven't done anything that SHOULD make me feel nervous about weighing in tomorrow, but the feeling is there.
Just been thinking about that a lot this week. 
ALSO + CONFESSION TIME -(Tuesday) I didn't track for a full day this week!
Not because what I was eating was horrible or anything.But let's face it.. I was being lazy.
 :[ I don't want this to be the start of something bad. I have since kept my tracking going as usual.
I have been going to the gym. 3 or 4 times this week. At least THAT is in my tracker.
Crossing my fingers for tomorrow! 



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Potato Fries [ Baked ]

Tonight we grilled!

I never got the final shot of the grilled chicken! :[ ugh. I guess we were all very hungry. Those pieces of chicken were HUGE!!! Everyone had one & that was more than plenty * I say this because, my brother can usually polish off about 3 pieces of chicken normally *
To marinate we used the Catalina Dressing that is on the side of the bowl. I'll figure out the points _____

Instead of frozen fries *that I wouldn't have eaten anyway* I opted to make sweet potato fries. These turned out so great & as you can see I took many pictures. * all kinda the same haha.

I cutt the potato into small thin strips so it would get a  crunch and cook through easily.I did not pour oil on these & instead saw more control in spraying the pan with Canola Oil & over the top of the fries , so they wouldn't get too dry. I used Cinnamon, some salt, & very little brown sugar. These were so great & they were all gone by the end of the meal.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's for Dinner?!


This ended up being a simple & delicious dinner. Some nights we are all staring at each other saying.."what's for dinner?"-"I don't know what do you want?"and so on. I had actually never had a frittata & wasn't even sure what it was till tonight haha. We have some cook books here, that haven't had much use for a while. Anyways! We made ours with Egg whites, tomato, Zucchini, onions & Mushrooms.

We also added some low fat cheese at the end.



Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Weight Watchers Weigh in!

This is exciting & scary because I did very well this week! At least for me thinking about how last week was 2 pound loss that it would be a little less or around that same number.Well, shows what I know!

  • This week I lost 7.6 lb's :]
  •  Down to 299 lbs! 
  • My Total Loss: 20.6 lbs!

Haha it was funny I came into the meeting before anybody & the leader was in the front, so I was just going to get weighed in the front. No problem, I got weighed in the front...(at this point I hadn't seen the scale numbers *not expecting anything special*). The meeting leader says "Wow, let's go to the back and check if that's right". Still not knowing what it was in the first place go to the back & weigh in again. I was thankful since I would sincerely like to know how I'm doing. I'm still standing there looking at 299.8 (OH! That means UNDER 300...uhh yes please, that was my summer goal before I get back to school.  College is starting back up in about 6 weeks! ) & not reacting at all. haha I don't think I realized till she said "Wow, you don't seem surprised or excited!"
- haha anyways, I was of course but it just took me longer than usual to realize what just went on :P

This is how I felt inside!

1st of all I'm scared because I don't know what I did differently this week. * Other than running out of Arizona tea & having to just drink water. BUT!!!- even when I did have Arizona I made an effort to fill half or more of my cup with water. I'm going to look at that more, since that's all I have to go on for now.  I'll look back at my tracker and see what I did differently without realizing maybe!?

Now I just need to keep myself from expecting anything for next week.I'd like to keep from setting myself up for disappointment.

On with the journey

+ The gym was great today. Since it was a pretty stormy afternoon there were more people than usual. I see this cycling class going on *looks kinda intense* & I'd like to try that one of these days before I get back to school.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tonights Dinner for 4 Points *Plus

Since I'm really not a marinara person most of the time I kept mine plain :] I've been looking online for this brand of  pasta... & I realize now  Mimi's Ravioli actually started these products "Good Health". This Shop is our go to place for getting really great fresh Italian food.

MIMI'S RAVIOLI WEBSITE - if you are a local in South Florida

I am on the Points Plus program with Weight Watchers & I calculated how much these manicotti logs would be :] 2pts for each log! that's great since it was super filling & delicious.

Nutrition Facts on the back (I write how many points things are on the boxes when possible)
I should make a list some day soon! it will help when I get back to college :]

Plain jane,no marinara sauce and lettuce on the side! this really was great though & I love plain lettuce leaves on the side of most dinners. :]

close up on the insides! & it's whole wheat :] what a deal

  • Side Notes!
  • Tomorrow is my next weigh in
  • I went to the gym & worked out for more than two hours today
  • I'll be going tomorrow also , I'm looking forward to working out these days!
  • & I'm nurvouse about my weight in.I don;t know why because I haven't done anything wrong @ least not that I know of. It's scary because I can't tell I lost .6 or a pound & so on.
Find out soon enough!

- Goodnight!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Normally I'd be going to a friends house for the 4th :) this year turned out a little differently & that is okay :)

We didn't grill,like we had planned either! Over the weekend I had looked up a recipe for turkey balls.We had to call in advance to get the ground turkey from the butcher. The recipe I used was from Food Network :
Here is a link to the recipe

We need to buy more pam ,instead we used broth to keep them from getting too dry SO that's what's at the bottom of the pan. Baked instead of fried in a pan.

Green & Yellow Peppers, Zucchini & Onions 

I had to modify the recipe since we do keep kosher at my parents.This turned out so great! My dad was very skeptical when we told him we would be having TURKEY BALLS instead of meatballs.He ended up eating fish sticks. Although I did offer him a bit & after he tried the turkey balls he told me he would be a team player next time & eat them with us.HAHA he would only say that if he liked them :)

Something else we were planing did not turn out quite right.. I wanted to make a dessert that would be fresh & something everyone could have. We couldn't find all the ingredients! Maybe another time :P But I still think it's a cute idea *angel  food cake *whipped cream (light) * blueberries * yes please.

Light whipped cream recipe!

I went for a walk today! The gym closed early today :P I didn't get up in enough time.
I did go yesterday though :) & plan to go tomorrow.



Friday, July 1, 2011

3rd week weigh in!

This week at my weigh in I went down 2.6 pounds  totaling 12.6. *& yes I'm counting the .6 haha! I don't know exactly how long it's been since I was out of the 300's  but the idea of being out of them :) THAT would be awesome!
Disney is the ultra happy place & any amount lost feels pretty great!  

Now that I've lost 2 this week I feel like this will be the average from now on & that is just fine :} but I'll admit it was cool to have those numbers the 1st few weeks.

It's been getting a little harder. I hate what I look like now & my mom brought up how I haven't seen any of my friends from home since I've been back. I've been home for 8 weeks. This has been a thing with me for a long time , I'll admit I don't feel like I'm worth hanging out with. To sum it all up my self-esteem is close to none existant.

Today seemed more like a bump in the road.

1.) woke up around 8. :)
2.) made myself some egg whites & whole wheat toast *with mushroom & onion! :)
3.) fed my fish :)
4.) ended up in bed in my gym clothes.

all slumberland & no workout makes wallflower a sad girl

I SLEPT from 10-ish to frink'n.... 4 in the afternoon! wow THAT can't happen again.
& this is after a good night's sleep about 8 hours. 15 hours of sleep no gym,no nothing.

I know I don't have to go to the gym everyday & I don't. I think I'm more dissipated in myself because I ended up sleeping instead & I was planning on going. Self sabotage - not worth it & that is what it felt like- to me at least.



Wallflower's Progress