Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravioli String beans & lettuce salad!mmm I wish the only thing I wish I had fresh string beans instead of canned :P.

I went to the gym for a few hours today & worked on my cardio & arms. 

TV Time! I love  TLC & STYLE

Recently there has been a significant focus on plus size.I came home & my mom says "Hey! want to watch Extreme Makeover with me!?" I say  sure since I love watching shows like that where you make over someones house for them! I was surprised & later found out she meant Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. I had no idea that was even a show. It's absolutely not reality where everyone can take off that much time to dedicate towards such hard work outs.The people in the show are being compensated for the time they are on the show, allowing them to put forth so much effort & an amazing outcome!

There are always going to be people who don't agree but I really think this show is a great inspiration , for anybody * trying to lose any amount of weight. 

There are so many other shows putting up these kinds of shows. I'm seeing these shows coming out for a reason though, people are watching these shows. For different reasons? sure. curiosity,inspiration... 

I'm watching TLC Say Yes to the Dress BIG BLISS.

Oh! & Randy is adorable! :}

If you aren't familiar with Project Life size on Youtube* I was watching one of Gretchen's videos where she was talking about she would like to see Big Bliss be one show with the regular Say Yes to the Dress. I know what she means, however I can see there is this new culture of Plus size & I can  see why they would label these shows.

Project Lifesize is a great channel!

I would absolutely say this channel was  a big contributor to me starting to accept myself & go on my way to really wanting to help myself get healthy FOR ME.



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