Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving! {Back}

Great photo I found in ibtimes

*detail* of the painting I did for a friend

 It's great to be back to where there is internet! My parents place must really dislike my computer... I was over there for a little more than a week. The net was kicking me on and off every other minute!

The day I had left :)

I came back the other night & went straight to the labs where I had to work an "all-nighter" to finish a project I thought i'd have time to work on at home. I brought everything I needed home & ended up not being able to use any of it. So, now I'm back with some free time {finally} and internet that works :)

 That doesn't mean I had a lousy Thanksgiving at home! I had a great time with my family, my parents were very proud & said they could see a difference. I'm not sure how big of a difference it was from when I saw them last- it may have been about 20is lbs?

We also don't have a scale back home :o! Once I got home I weighed in & saw I had gained 0.8 lbs
{note: I usually weigh in when I wake up in the morning} when I got back it was later & after I had gone to get some dinner with my roommate who had picked me up. *I took the bus*

Photos from when I was home!
Our turkey, we almost couldn't find one...

The first thing I noticed in the kitchen was this great fruit bowl my parents put together. The avacados were used in the gaucamole I make everytime I go home { I tell them it's super easy to make...ut it seems to be more special this way- I don't mind}
The grapefruit were HUGE! Personally I'm not a fan...but I was told they were good!

My parents had gone to the farmers market, I normally don't eat figs..but I gave it a shot! 
They were actually pretty great!

In the morning we fixed up the turkey for the oven! We used butter first then followed that with some paprika fr the color & the rest was duck sauce. :) 

starting to boil the sweet-potatoes ..

Starting the cranberry sauce (with some apples)..

The stuffing { I tried a little bit}

End result of the turkey! didn't get many pictures :(
Stuffing!- we need a better recipe for next year, but it wasn't bad

The sweet-potatoe casarole was said to be the best side that night :)  It's always my favorite part (making it!)

My brother's girlfriend joined us this year & she made apple crumble.... I CAN'T DESCRIBE how fabulous this stuff was! I've never had apple crumble & I'm happt to say I didn't eat the whole container she brought over. hahah I actually had a very small helping & enjoyed it that way.

My brother's dog! WAITING FOR FOOD TO BE DROPPED! She has an underbite haha  I have another funny picture I'll have to get on here another time.She is too cute, I didn't get a picture of my other dog this time. 

Everything's ready

Best part!

Another best.. that's a given though.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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