Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Normally I'd be going to a friends house for the 4th :) this year turned out a little differently & that is okay :)

We didn't grill,like we had planned either! Over the weekend I had looked up a recipe for turkey balls.We had to call in advance to get the ground turkey from the butcher. The recipe I used was from Food Network :
Here is a link to the recipe

We need to buy more pam ,instead we used broth to keep them from getting too dry SO that's what's at the bottom of the pan. Baked instead of fried in a pan.

Green & Yellow Peppers, Zucchini & Onions 

I had to modify the recipe since we do keep kosher at my parents.This turned out so great! My dad was very skeptical when we told him we would be having TURKEY BALLS instead of meatballs.He ended up eating fish sticks. Although I did offer him a bit & after he tried the turkey balls he told me he would be a team player next time & eat them with us.HAHA he would only say that if he liked them :)

Something else we were planing did not turn out quite right.. I wanted to make a dessert that would be fresh & something everyone could have. We couldn't find all the ingredients! Maybe another time :P But I still think it's a cute idea *angel  food cake *whipped cream (light) * blueberries * yes please.

Light whipped cream recipe!

I went for a walk today! The gym closed early today :P I didn't get up in enough time.
I did go yesterday though :) & plan to go tomorrow.



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