Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! :)

I'd love to go to Disney's not so scary Halloween one year!
Happy Halloween!
I'm not even sure I'll be doing anything tomorrow. Me and my roommate plan on seeing Paranormal Activity 3 & go for dinner at Apple-bees before or after. No actual halloween party or anything. We'll see :)

  • Best part about halloween is seeing decorations ( like most holidays- that's what I love the most
  • Another thing would have to be Halloween episodes
  • Disney's Halloween Treat video 
  • The 1st Creepshow Movie
  • Tales from the darkside 
  • it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (it's usually on tv :D )

    I wish I could buy this  in better quality!

    Some shows have the BEST Halloween Episodes.
    1ston my list will be all of the  ROSEANNE's
    They have great costumes
    these are just some clips from all of their halloween episodes :)
    They are all on youtube

    they were candies that tasted kind of bad.. but looked pretty neat

    my roommate found these  eyeball ice cube trays :) pretty cool

    Tonight is Dexter! I'm not seeing it online..should have been up a while ago :/ I should really get Showtime so I wouldn't have this problem.

    SORRY for going video crazy! I'm just so excited & wanted to share some things I enjoy <3


    Friday, October 28, 2011

    It's Late :) Quick 20th WW Weigh In update!

    This weeks weigh in! -3.2
    starting weight: 320
    This is the closest to 50 I've been :) I had a little set back the other week..but now I'm back to where I was!

    It's almost 4 AM & we just got back from our trip to Busch Gardens Howl-o-scream. We ended up only going through one was so crowded. The line of cars to get into the park took us about an hour to get through... & to get out was just as bad.The one house we went through had an hour long line as well. After the one house *"Nevermore"- really great btw Poe inspired haunted house* we saw the show called Feinds where all these classic monsters come out to sing & dance.
    The last last thing we were able to do was take pictures with some characters from the park.. they weren't so much "characters" but more like half naked men & or nurses (I got mine with the men, I didn't choose haha)
    Even though we didn't get to do as much as we had all planned it was still a great night, lots of fun :)


    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    Pita Pizza & Lemon Chicken :)

    A must watch for every halloween :)

    These are from past days!
    All spread out :) in one post

    Whole wheat pita cut in halfs.. kinda broke a little 

    low fat cheese & regular sauce with spinach inside
     Last night was an early Halloween party :) & Tomorrow I'll be going to Tampa Bush Gardens with my roommate for Hall-O-scream! Tomorrow is also weigh in day. I've been working on getting DOWN this week! hopefully tomorrows weigh in will be good news :)

    More photos 
    our living room it was quiet that day :) 

    These bananas are almost gone by now... I have one left & it's gotta go soon!

    There is an issue with this cabinet. Guess WHAT IT IS!??? Something I though I could have in there -but very obviously can not & should not have. Thanks NUTELLA for being so delicious...

    What it's looking like on my shelf :) mine is the middle shelf & the veggie drawer (can't see that here) 

    Whole wheat flour

    To zest the lemons :)


    This had a verry  & the brocoli I used garlic and lemon juice to cook them for a bit... I like them lightly cooked (not soft *usually)

    One of my roommates gave me these early trick or treat?!


    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Right now & A while back :]

    Right now: 
    I'm finishing up Gangs of New York!
    I'm defrosting some chicken to make Lemon Chicken for dinner Tonight 

    I'm not one for sad movie... but somehow they made it funny at the same time.  Glad I saw this one!

    Also! Last night I saw 50/50 ( everyone in the theater was on a date :P - except me and my roommate )
    A while back: 
    my roommate and I went to the beach to take some photos :]

    Good afternoon!

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Finally! - Some free time! :)

    Hello Blog!
    Today was my weigh in day & as I expected I gained. I was up 2 Pounds.... I guess my vacation did me in a bit. When I say "vacation".. I mean me. It was me who made my "not so great food choices".
    It's as if I forgot what I was doing.
    Current Weight: 277
    Total loss: -43
    My 1st step back into "my world" was the shopping.... bought all my fruits veggies meats & wheat bread.
    I'm excited to get back into it... the problem was me thinking to myself "this one meal won't make a difference" and so on but several times. When I think about it now I feel the better food choices would have made me feel better in general. Did I enjoy what I was eating on vacation? sure... was it worth 2 lbs? NO WAY! :) I'll keep this in mind.
    I'm still waiting on some pictures from the trip! I'll have to ask my friend for some. Especially the fresh water spring we went rafting in.

    I'm ready to lose what I gained this past week & more!


    ( I have some catching up to do on everybody else's blogs!)

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Awesome Vacation!

    This weekend was so amazing!
    We went rafting in a freshwater Spring
    Halloween Horror Nights (two nights)
    Spending time with friends from home was a real treat! I don't have any pictures from the trip myself but may get some from my friends who had cameras! I did have some crazy dinners.. it wasn't exactly weight watchers safe food vacation & did get a shake from Ben & Jerry's in the Universal Park... but that was before a long day at the park running around for hours! My foot was fine till the last day at the park *the last hour there ...the aleve I was taking had been failing me. (that's better than I had expected! )

    Oh!!! I finally was able to swallow a pill without any type of tricks. This was old fashioned swallow with water! We were in the park & it felt like a good time to take the Aleve again... the lines for food were long & I honestly didn't want to stop everyone to get food for me to take a pill. I stopped & asked for some talking through( my friend was able to give me some pointers) ... YESS :) after the 1st time I was able to do it 3 other times :) very proud. haha

    Before I left! Never got to post these pictures. My picasa is working again!

    I followed instructions on how to cook an artichoke.

    These ended up being mashed with spinach & garlic

    Good to be back!! :)

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    19th Weight Watchers Weigh in!

     This week I was + 0.4! :[ I already expressed what I think may have happened this week... I was actually expecting a little worse.
    I'm packing for my trip to Orlando! I'll be seeing my friends & going to Halloween Horror Nights for the next few days. I'll be back late on Sunday. My picasa isn't working right now & I had pictures to put up.. I suppose I can try again soon or post it next time :]

    Gotta get ready for the trip!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    QUICK EASY SNACKS & DINNERS ( need some ideas)

    I've been working late nights in the computer labs recently. I come home late very very hungry... I bring snacks (cheerios or a bar- not so great since they usually are better if you are going to be active afterwards) why I usually stick with the cheerios. I've been feeling like all I eat is the same easy things now. Cheerios for snacks and a sandwich on the run. I've been eating things at the wrong times ( I wouldn't say over eating... because I'm not). I think what I'm saying is a need some new snack or eat put together dinners.

    Also another problem has been when I have time to cook and prepare for the week ,so I don;t have to rush, the meat I want to use is always frozen & that hasn't been working out. I have everything to make lemon chicken, just no time to wait for it to unfreeze.

    That's the issue for now...I'm sure I'll be able to make more time soon! This weekend is Halloween Horror Nights though!

    I have a question concerning one of my roommates. I've brought up my feeling towards them not cleaning their dishes,pots,pans,silverware and cups several times. The patterns seem to change for a few days & then goes back quickly. I'm having a problem letting this person really know what an issue this has turned into. I love cooking, but when our kitchen isn't accessible I can't say I enjoy it very much at all. I've been avoiding our kitchen. Our first week I cleaned up our kitchen...but it was exhausting & not my messes.
    I don't see this roommate much since our schedules are so different. I've been leaving notes & find one or two items cleaned or put away.
    I'm not sure how to deal with it right now. I'm trying not to complain it's just a huge frustration right now ( what makes it so frustrating is it's so easy to fix!)
     I'm contemplating erasing this....since I wrote this out I'm feeling a little better. Maybe someone has some good roommate advice?

    TOMORROW S weigh in day! I'm not sure how that will go... my diet, sleeping scheule has been so off
    Feeling like a real Debbie Downer, I apologize! Hope everyones week is going well so far.


    Monday, October 10, 2011

    "Who would'a thunk it..." turns out, after I finished writing last night's blog, I was looking at the box of pudding mix & it was so simple I had to try it right then and there.

    Like I said before, I'm really not into pudding, what jumped out at me/ the reason why I bought it was curiosity. I'm going to be calling my mom soon to tell her if she finds it in the market to pick some up & try it.

    Last night was the second episode (new season) of Dexter & I still need to watch it!


    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    Getting ready for the week!

    Tonight was my 1st time watching Breakfast at Tiffany's!

    I finally went shopping! The list helped alot... aside from some extras- I didn't overspend. It turns out my blankets were ruined after a bottle of Gamsol (a solvent that i use when painting with oils) spilt *leaked out onto my comforter & sheets. My comforter absorbed most of the the chemical, since I hadn't noticed it was happening at the time. I found out before we  went to leave for the store.

    The comforter was about 4 years old & wasn't salvageable... I wasn't %100 sure how it would wash out or dry. I got a new container for my Gamsol & it shouldn't be happening again!

    I'm normally not much of a Jello/Pudding person.. but I saw this flavor & thought I should at least make it for my roommates and I.

    :) Looks like it would be good. I'll be making this soon

    Not sure polka dots & Zebra print "match" too well but they were cute & I needed something to sleep on ASAP!

    I've been getting ready for the week by getting my homework done! I'm also going to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights on Friday & Saturday. I'll be home  late Sunday :)


    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    18th Weight Watchers Weigh-In!

    Starting Weight: 320

    I thought I'd put in a screen shot of what the chart is looking like as of now. (the 1st entry is actually  11 weigh ins that I documented as one... there was no option to go back & document past weigh lost *like from meetings*. I didn't lose that much in a week! :)

    -I've had this song stuck in my head all day

    Having a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios for dinner!
    -0.4 happy  it's a negative 



    Shopping List Issues!

    For the past few weeks I've been having a problem while shopping. I talked a little bit about how last time I was shopping the total surprised me. The problem may be- I don't officially make a list! I need to make up my mind on what I'll be making for dinners too! The past few nights I've been having fruits and random things I find for "dinner". I've been a little distracted by school & studying.

    (Another problem could be I never know for sure where we will be going.. Publix,Target,Wallmart...)

    If we end up going to Publix they should have their halloween "reusable grocery bags" I liked the designs last year.- If they are available I think I'll try and get a few :] In our kitchen, we have a drawer dedicated to the plastic bags* the drawer is packed*!

    The plan is to go shopping tomorrow & I'll be making a list after I finish making this post :)
     I have more studying to do tonight! Tomorrow is Weigh In day!


    Monday, October 3, 2011

    I'm Lovin' Apples!

    Pumpkins & Apples

    I think my roommate mentioned these were i the $1 section in Target :]

    You don't know how excited I was to see Cider in the grocery!

    This was the last bit of it... I decided to really enjoy it after my 1st class of the day was over

    all too soon it was all gone :p

    Caramel Apple I had this weekend for 5 P+P :}


    It was better than I expected!

    I've got some studying to do tonight! I hope everyone is doing well.


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