Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weigh-in!! Secret Birthday Present!!!?

This Week = +1.0 lbs 
Current Weight= 267.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 52.4 lbs

What  a busy week(s)!!

Alrighty, so this past week was a gain. Do I want to elaborate on my gain? 
Other than the fact that I snacked a lot? Nope! I'm 100% sure that's why I gained!
 It's now almost time for my next weigh-in!!!
Less snacking this week (yes, check!)
I don't have too much to update on  weigh-loss wise.

It's my 24th Birthday today! :) 

Hello Spring !!:)

I've been waiting more than a week to open this secret surprise birthday present!
Thanks to a good friend! :)

I've been using an ancient fossil of a phone for manyyyy years now, my family finally upgraded. I have a phone that I can take video and pictures with :) (big deal? yes! -to me!! :)  yay)  So much more convenient! I was thinking of getting a new camera that would record and be more compact and convenient for everyday. So, instead now I have a phone that can do it all. Hello 2013 goodbye 1990's!

Anyways, this time next week I'll be having my surgery! :) That's the next one!
Then after that..I'll be doing some healing and back to regular :)
Happy Spring everyone!

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