Thursday, November 17, 2011

23rd Weight Watcher Weigh-In!

Current weight: 274.0
Loss this week -1.4
Total Loss: -46 
Starting weight: 320
274- This is still within the weight I've been fluctuating between.. but I'm happy there was a loss!
It's almost Thanksgiving & i'll be going home for a few days! I'm extremely excited to go back, see everyone, hug my dogs, cook for my family,see some friends, (I Wake up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... always... what a dork! haha). I love all that stuff & can't wait!
My favorite is seeing some classics... like Snoopy or some of the Muppets. One day I hope to see the parade in person!

-ALSO, this doesn't mean go crazy on the food... I plan to keep track of myself & my points.

This weekend!

A few friends & I might be going to see Bob Saget Live!

Hopefully it works out... we will be buying tickets at the door.
This will be saturday :)


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