Sunday, July 14, 2013

NSV/ Goal Clothes/ Meds? & Weigh-in

An urn flower I found outback
I had to stop an admire the sky for a few.. other than those 5 minutes, the rest of the weekend it rained. Glad I could capture this rarity.
This week=271.2
Last week= 270.8
Start Weight= 320
Total loss=48.8
Alright.. here it goes...
Remember I said my doctor may have warned me about gaining a bit on the pill I started ( waited till monday to start) after my last Dr. Visit? If not- she did. I also figured I better not actually think "I'm going to gain b/c of my pill" or else that may just give me an "oh, well" attitude..
Knowing this I eat as clean as I was when I was losing in past weeks. Stretching, doing little exercises during the day when there were small chunks of time. As Well as going to the gym and swimming for an hour on the say I had gym, but couldn't go because my side was hurting. (BTW The pool was an amazing saviour at that point.)

Alright, well my point is with all the work I put in this week, going in knowing I had new meds... I came out gaining half a pound. Sure it's not permanent... but BOY WAS I SHOCKED. Kinda just stood there wondering...this scale...*squinting* kinda wondering if it was my position on the scale.- yeah right! haha. Maybe I took it hard because I was so close to 50! AH!

I'll keep an eye on it, there are a few alternatives to this medicine so I'll see what happens this next weekend.. or I may ask about some alternatives.

I may have mentioned I found out I'm no longer size 12 shoe! Now I can finally shop for size 10 shoe... I think's been a long while since I've looked in the 10's.  Oh, so many more selections. Hunting for size 11/ 12 was kinda like treasure hunting sometimes.

So when I found out, I was trying on these shoes I seriously just loved, I tried it on in 12. Nope- too big, that happens (no biggie) moving on to 11... no again. I was about to just give up but then I saw the same pair in 10.

Wishfull thinking, I try them on- what a fluke! they fit. I try on almost all the 10's at that point. One after another. It took awhile for me to catch on, seriously! this must be why all most of my shoes back home have been slipping off when I walk. DUH. I think I live on another planet sometimes. Feet shrink, now I know.
Size 10! So proud! Is that silly? Plus these were majorly on sale- win win.

This is not my final goal "outfit" top, but I did order it keeping in mind it may be a little tight. I don't usually buy clothes online but I saw this top and thought "okay, if this doesn't fit when I get it.. I could be a good goal top..". That's pretty much what ended up happening since it was a bit tight around the lower area.. near my hips.
this shirt is a 3x from Forever 21 Plus ( I love love love how all designers run smaller or larger for the "same sizes")
Let's just make it all universal. I don't think  anybody would mind...right?

I love the colllar and the cute buttons. 
So far this post proves something, I seem to be a polkadot fan. Just noticed.

Have a good weekend/ week!

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