Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awesome Vacation!

This weekend was so amazing!
We went rafting in a freshwater Spring
Halloween Horror Nights (two nights)
Spending time with friends from home was a real treat! I don't have any pictures from the trip myself but may get some from my friends who had cameras! I did have some crazy dinners.. it wasn't exactly weight watchers safe food vacation & did get a shake from Ben & Jerry's in the Universal Park... but that was before a long day at the park running around for hours! My foot was fine till the last day at the park *the last hour there ...the aleve I was taking had been failing me. (that's better than I had expected! )

Oh!!! I finally was able to swallow a pill without any type of tricks. This was old fashioned swallow with water! We were in the park & it felt like a good time to take the Aleve again... the lines for food were long & I honestly didn't want to stop everyone to get food for me to take a pill. I stopped & asked for some talking through( my friend was able to give me some pointers) ... YESS :) after the 1st time I was able to do it 3 other times :) very proud. haha

Before I left! Never got to post these pictures. My picasa is working again!

I followed instructions on how to cook an artichoke.

These ended up being mashed with spinach & garlic

Good to be back!! :)

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