Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Middle

Tomorrow is my next weigh in! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Reminds me of "I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies!.."
I wonder if it matters that I have my ''visitor" this week? Should be fine. Right!?

I had a great workout session today. I'm also feeling like I'm back on track, keeping a good mindset. 
 For dinner I made the best eggplant I've ever made! It took me hours to prep & it was gone in less than 7 minutes! hahha  I don't mind at all. I love cooking for my family, especially when they love what I'm making. What a great feeling :]

 I love this show! The whole family in 'The Middle' is super lovable & funny. This summer I end up watching it with my mom (she absolutely loves it also!) every wednesday night.
I know TV isn't great quality time.. but at nights we do kick back & enjoy a TV show or two. I've found this show to be very warm & just what I need usually!
Personally: a cute, funny, feel-good show 


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