Monday, June 13, 2011

My 2nd day at the Y

   First of all, it was gorgeous out this afternoon! 
Taken from our backyard.. I couldn't help but snap a picture  

 Today I came in and was introduced to a very nice women who manages the area I was working out in. I was shown new equipment/ machines & worked on my upper body/ arms along with cardio. WOW I walked away feeling great!The 1st time I worked out I mentioned already I was very sore when I woke up the next day.Also on my 1st day I walked away from each machine feeling "jelly legged".
Today was not totally the same & I can already tell my muscles are getting used to actually MOVING & WORKING...what a concept!

I wanted to talk about the atmosphere at the Y.It's not what I had expected! when I walked in the 1st thing I noticed was the variety age & shapes. I know.. it was pretty silly of me to think everybody at a gym would be really buff & young. Instead I felt very comfortable with everyone else around me working for the same thing as I am now *just maybe at another level*

Excuse me If Iam being gross but I need to find a better deodorant!
I haven't had this problem since grade school. I found what was working for me & that was supposed to be the end of that issue! My 1st day working out I realized my deodorant totally failed me :[ yeah...I bought one for today & it didn't work as well as i'd hoped.
I'll keep my secret for when I'm not going to work out.
I think I'll have to go to the mens section? haha I really don't know.

Back to me not being gross! :]

NowI hope I'm not alone in this..
but when I was talking to the women who manages that work out area she asked me a few questions along the lines of why are you here & what do you want to accomplish?

I do not talk to people about how I feel usually & when I do I sometimes might get a little teary when doing so.Touchy subjects? I don't know.. I'm pretty shy & don't talk to people much in general.It's happened when I've talked to counselors *who I was talking to when I was in high school for various reasons* I've flat out cried when I was talking to a doctor.

It's safe to say I've gotten much better with the "emotional-build-up-awkward-crying-to-strangers" bit. But sometimes you just feel your emotions build up and everything feels very sensitive at that point. right?

WELL! I did not cry...& at this point I sound like a big baby writing this.(I don't want to end on that bad pun..)

We do have a very nearby Farmer's Markets here & they were giving out reusable shopping bags at the entrance.We walked out of that Market with a full bag of goodies!

This is the bag they were giving out we used it twice that day. This was my "day of second times" since it was actually my second time going to this local farmers market. I was on the look-out for one booth in particular. 
I had a sample of their fruit & veggie juice last time & I wish I had bought some last time so i'd know who they were & where I could get more. All I know is it had corn in it *that stood out for me* :] maybe next time! I'll keep looking of course.

Tonight's dinner!

Super delicious tacos 
Nothing extraordinary about them. pretty simple Boca meatless meat?
Red peppers, green peppers, onions,lettuce ,cherry tomatoes & cheese for everyone else in my family  :] 

Final product! I really need to find a better substitute for the taco shell we were using...

Hmm low fat sour cream just isn't the same :{ haha I'll get over it

There's also cantaloupe for dessert - no pictures - BUT guess where it came from :}

Today was pretty great overall



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