Friday, July 15, 2011

One Goal down!

One goal down * actually it's two but they were so close :]
I really wanted to be below 300 before I left for school, like I've mentioned already. When I lost 7 lb. the other week it bumped out that goal & also without me realizing I bumped out my 5% goal. I'm feeling it would be good to go for the 10% now and that will be -32 total for me *11 more pounds I think. I hope I'm not doing this wrong. I have about 5more weeks till I go back to College! Mixed feeling :] I seriously miss my roommates but I'm also extremely anxious about this being my senior year.

Anyways! I will have two tickers one with my big goal [ Ideal weight ] ,it's really a lot, so I will make a 10% goal ticker as well. These are great visuals & any extra motivation-I'll take!

I just got back from the gym * 2 hour work out -kinda sluggish I don't think I got enough sleep * & I'm finding some of the levels I was having a hard time with when I first started are getting to be too easy! That's great :] I think so at least. Also great motivation , when you realize your body is getting stronger :] nice.

Happy Friday!
 I think I'm going to the beach tomorrow <3 Haven't been for a while


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