Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unexpected job!

A friend of mine connected me with a job,that turned out to be a two day job after I was asked to come back. I'm not really going to say what it was for exactly but it was a wonderful experience, even though I was a newb & had no real experience prior.
Travel channel was filming nearby &  I was able to help on set. I was able to spend time with great people the director and assistant director. The hours were crazy & I had no time for anything accept coming home finishing the job & getting sleep- hoping it was enough for the next day. Another problem I faced while on this job was the food they provided was not so great... for breakfast one morning they only had coffee *I don't drink coffee* and bags and bags of McDonalds breakfast sandwiches McMuffins I think?  (although the 1st day they did have a bowl of fruit, I had a banana).

the show comes out in april & maybe I'll talk about it more then :] I have some pretty nice pictures from set.

ALRIGHTY!!!! so before my streak of busy-ness mr roommate her sister and I went to a park in St.Pete!
It was beautiful there.


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