Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weigh-In Update & a little REWIND

This Week = +1.0 lbs 
Current Weight= 267.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 52.4 lbs

Alrightyyy. Another gain..+2.8 if I add up the total between these last two weeks. So, that's super awesome fun! I do this with a lot of things. I start doing well and the next thing I know is I'm off track and hardly trying (but maybe more like  tricking myself into believing I'm trying?).
I know what works, when I want to have a good week...
So- Why is it so hard to stick with what works and what I know is good?
It feels like self sabotage!

So, I took it back to the beginning  I think I need a bit of a reminder. I'm glad I've saved all this reading material!
I guess that's what they are here for? 
I'm now finishing another booklet ( weight record books). It feels like I JUST started a new one  few weeks ago. I guess 15 (normally 16 in a booklet but one of the boxes were skipped) went by without me realizing. Maybe it's not the best way to go about thinking? But I looked at my 1st record on the booklet I'm ending now... I'm seeing I lost -9 lbs in this entire book. That's with the ups and downs...Averaging = -0.6 a week.

But looking back now, most of those weigh-ins are - not + weeks!

I'm trying to get my PS2 to ply my workout DVDs... I'm not sure what's up with my PS2 :(. I'll workout with one of those this afternoon.

This is why I Love Spare Change!

My grandma gave me a ton of pennies when I was younger....
of course I kept saving and adding to the pennies..
 This past weekend I decide it's time to see how much my collection adds up to!
Plus the drawer I was storing all my jars and coin purses in was being weighed down it was bending the drawer.. (opps!). D:
Aww! look how sad Lady looks D: lol she is so silly sometimes... 
So, next up was the trip to the bank!
the bag was pretty much all pennies so when I got the total of $61.00 I was surprised as heck!
I'm not trying to brag...but wow I'm SO SURPRISED! Very cool.
I kinda have a new love for change now!
Everyone saving jars and coin purses of small change... go chash that in for a good surprise! :)

The poof I made the last time I was feeling crafty!
Finally a picture...
The place I wanted to hang it initially turned out to be a bit of a challenge, so for now it's over my bed :P
last night: lemon chicken with honey mustard sauce and a flax seed crust!

Some had breadcrumbs and some didn't!
these were thin chicken cuts..
I also added some green onion on top. 

This was the honey mustard I used to lightly coat my chicken with.. It was a mixture of this dressing, flaxseeds, and paprika.

Thanks to some  a couple of my friends, I was told to try the Arnold Palmer Arizona. I 1st tried the awesome ¢99 cans (you can get one at a gas station anywhere)  Oh my :} I loved it! It was very refreshing! 

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Here's to a new better week :)
<3 -Wallflower

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