Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unofficial Weigh-In & Small Vacation!


Weigh-In wise, I was unable to go to WW meeting this past week. I usually keep track of my weight at home and at the meetings. So, that was helpful this week when I couldnlt use the scale at WW. I was down 1 pound from my last week!
So, it's a loss- but getting back will be nice :)
I had actually planned on going a day erlier than I usually do...but then thaattt day I had to leave earlier than expected initially!

Just got done watching Dexter! O: Uhh, i just want to know everything...right now!


This past week was very exciting! I went to the Spooky Empire Horror Convention this weekend! I saw so many great people! Ahh what's whith all the explimation points!? I don't know, but I'm still pretty excited...
My favorite part was sitting in on a Q&A with R.L Stine, he was there promoting his new adult novel.  Knowing he was going to doa  signing, i brought along my copy of The Haunted Mask! What a nice guy, sincerely, it was wonderful meeting such a nostalgic figure...

I'll be updating with some real pictures :}
and real words making real sentences.... at this point my brain checked-out for the night!
I'm exhausted from this awesome trip!

UPDATED :)....

I chose The Haunted Mask :} Since it was Halloween & my favorite GB.

I choose from the Goosebumps I had in my room, the rest are in storage :{. I kept some of my favorites in storage.
Like the choose your own endings.

Hope everyone else has been doing well! 

for now-
Good night!!!

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