Thursday, October 6, 2011

18th Weight Watchers Weigh-In!

Starting Weight: 320

I thought I'd put in a screen shot of what the chart is looking like as of now. (the 1st entry is actually  11 weigh ins that I documented as one... there was no option to go back & document past weigh lost *like from meetings*. I didn't lose that much in a week! :)

-I've had this song stuck in my head all day

Having a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios for dinner!
-0.4 happy  it's a negative 



Shopping List Issues!

For the past few weeks I've been having a problem while shopping. I talked a little bit about how last time I was shopping the total surprised me. The problem may be- I don't officially make a list! I need to make up my mind on what I'll be making for dinners too! The past few nights I've been having fruits and random things I find for "dinner". I've been a little distracted by school & studying.

(Another problem could be I never know for sure where we will be going.. Publix,Target,Wallmart...)

If we end up going to Publix they should have their halloween "reusable grocery bags" I liked the designs last year.- If they are available I think I'll try and get a few :] In our kitchen, we have a drawer dedicated to the plastic bags* the drawer is packed*!

The plan is to go shopping tomorrow & I'll be making a list after I finish making this post :)
 I have more studying to do tonight! Tomorrow is Weigh In day!


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