Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich { Avacado & Mushroom}

This was too good!
Instead of mayo!
I used Avocado... "good fats" :]
For the Avocado {guacamole I just added some lemon juice, garlic powder, and some salt} very quick & easy! the salt isn't even necessary..
Bread: I found these Multi-grain Ciabatta rolls at Walmart's Bakery. What a surprise, our Walmart is now also a grocery store!
Toasting the bread too it to the next level of amazing!

{ this was all yesterday! I though I had pressed the "post publish".. I guess I hadn't!}
   The other day when we were surprised by how great our Walmart is now... I wanted to look for some snack bars. My classes are all 3 hours long :] after about the 2nd hour I notice my stomach asking for some attendance. I usually do bring a bag of cereal ,that will work also, but I wanted to se if I could find anything to quickly run & go.
Here's what I'm trying this week!
I ended up using this yesterday! This quickly filled me up & helped  me through the last hour of class.
I was also  wondering... if anybody using blogger is having an issue with colors of photos when they are uploaded.  The color after going through Picasa is dulled out  (my last picture of the" kid Z bar" is unedited & much darker than the original. Just wondering if anybody else was experiencing this problem?

Is there another way to upload photos... because I noticed that even if I do upload them from my computer they are still being uploaded into Picasa & have the same outcome overall dull dark photos.

Good afternoon!

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