Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Saturday!

There were so many boats out!

St Armands Circle

Kilwin's- they are making fudge!

More from Kilwins. Everything smelt so great :]

More Fudge 

At some point there was a huge storm  heading our way..

St Armands Circle 
I did end up having a shake at Kilwin's! It was apple crumb cake flavor... I wanted a seasonal flavor :] I think I remember having a pumpkin flavor a few years ago. The apple crumb  was a great choice, I tried to work as much of it off by walking after we enjoyed our ice creams & by going to the beach. I've treated myself a bit too much all in one week. :]
We also ended up going to the beach later in the day :] This was such a relaxing weekend!

Hope everyone else's laborday weekend has been going well!

Good afternoon!

Wallflower's Progress