Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chobani Grapes+Nuts+PB&J

This is a small bowl, so inside I have 3 full tbs of the Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt (3 pts for 6oz.)
1tsp of Smuckers strawberry Jelly ( 1 pt)
1 tsp of Skippy's Reduced fat Peanut Butter ( 2pts)
About 4 or 5 cut up grapes ( 0 pts) :]
and a few nuts to top it all off ( 1pts)

Total of 7pts WW
I got this total from using an online Points Plus Calculator. I've been having trouble finding my calculator after moving! 

I found this interesting recipe on Skinnytaste
and was surpisd I had even tried it hahaha, not that it doesn't look good, but the last time i tried greek yogurt..I was not  fan. I gave it another shot , I'm glad I did because this was a surprising treat.
The nuts really made this a treat, the added crunch was just perfect.

oh yeah and it was soo easy to make!
 Haha, so even though this my look strange... I'd still give it a shot, because like I said I'm glad I did. Plus Gina from skinny taste made it look so good!

Good night!

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