Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome August!

I'm ready!

Wow, time is really  flying! I must be having a blast because I only have 2 more weeks till I go back to school. This afternoon I accompanied my dad to a doctors appointment in Miami Beach area. I love the architecture & general feel of Miami. It's usually very sunny * real summer weather* but today .. it was more *tornado warning weather *. It was still beautiful! :] Oh, & like I was saying before! If I had another camera that was more convenient I would take it all over with me & capture all these great scenes.  Something else my camera doesn't have is video capabilities :[ That would be another plus for this other camera. - ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE: I was in a friends neighborhood the other day & apparently peacocks live in their area.. cool hu? I feel so sheltered. I've only seen peacocks in the zoo or animal reserve. Anyways it was gorgeous, you could tell it was used to humans, since it let me get so close.

My Weakness..Why are they all so perfect together?!

My BIG Food Mistake: Like I said, I accompanied my dad to a doctors appointment. We were in the waiting room for more than an hour. My mistake was not eating before I left + not bringing a snack.
Long story short- I came home & ate lot's of what i shouldn't while making dinner. hahah
It was easy to take the cheese & crackers out and pop open a nice bottle of Pinot.
Right now I am -8 points :p. Thank goodness I have activity points from yesterday left over.

The glasses I got * they ended up being by: Cosmopolitan- "Book Smart"
I got new glasses & can see now. What a deal! Very happy with these so far.


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