Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!! Update

The things people say suck sometimes, I remembered soemthing someone told me in elementary school...and I guess it kept me from wearing shorts till... now?
I just remember "nameless kid" saying something along the lines of "wow, you are that fat.." and of course he was looking at my knees/legs while saying this. Up till then I had never thought twice about my knees, but I guess they were fat enough to catch his attention?! Soooo that's all it really took for me to be mortified and totally embarrassed about my leggies for what feels like forever!
I'm still not comfortable walking abound outside in these shorts, i actually bought them becauseI don't own a swim suit anymore and have been doing water aerobics with some girls from WW.

The point of taking a picture of my legs was to maybe try and further getting over this "fear", and what better way then to take a picture of them and post them on the internet!

I'd like to thank Target for only having super "short" shorts. I needed shorts recently and found myself thinking about how comfortable (uncomfortable) I am/ have been in my own skin.

So now in 2013, shorts will be part of my wardrobe (shorts that aren't from the mens sports least). Living in Florida.. this is a good thing!

Water Aerobics!
I've done water aerobics in the past, I remember being t my grandmas pool and doing some with her and her friends. This most recent time I went with some girls in my WW class. It was not as low intensity as I remember with my grandma and her buddies. I'm glad this wasn't like how I remembered. It was actually purdy fun! I think I was sweating in the pool? weird feeling.

I wrote this post up several days ago and I have no idea what is taking me so long to post it!
Look who decided to take  rest infront of the house this afternoon :)
   Good news!
Now that my camera charger isn't lost :) :) :) :) :) :) !!!!! I can finally upload the pictures I had on there from before! I was all set to buy a new charger on Ebay and the last thing I do before heading over to the computer was find my camera charger. I KNEW IT! I thought I'd find it after I ordered it though.

Happy 2013 everyone!!

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