Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting ready for the week!

Tonight was my 1st time watching Breakfast at Tiffany's!

I finally went shopping! The list helped alot... aside from some extras- I didn't overspend. It turns out my blankets were ruined after a bottle of Gamsol (a solvent that i use when painting with oils) spilt *leaked out onto my comforter & sheets. My comforter absorbed most of the the chemical, since I hadn't noticed it was happening at the time. I found out before we  went to leave for the store.

The comforter was about 4 years old & wasn't salvageable... I wasn't %100 sure how it would wash out or dry. I got a new container for my Gamsol & it shouldn't be happening again!

I'm normally not much of a Jello/Pudding person.. but I saw this flavor & thought I should at least make it for my roommates and I.

:) Looks like it would be good. I'll be making this soon

Not sure polka dots & Zebra print "match" too well but they were cute & I needed something to sleep on ASAP!

I've been getting ready for the week by getting my homework done! I'm also going to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights on Friday & Saturday. I'll be home  late Sunday :)


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