Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Wow ... Seriously?!" - Thanks

%5  of my original body weight LOST!!! yay High note.(-0.4 this week)
Link: Some sweet reading on the topic of losing %5 of your original body weight. 
Alright, so this will be my 1st weigh in on a new scale. One scale was very off & one may have been more accurate (it would have been easier to tell where I actually am if I was able to use the scale at the WW meeting ) but who knows... I'lll live. But I think it was a real bitter end to my day * it could have been worked out, no problem.
I have absolutely NOTHING against Weight Watchers. I'm still Online. 

The dilemma: The scale at my local Grocery store read I don't think I lost -16 lbs this week.
The second scale I tried was more believable read 289.4 would have been - 0.4 for this week.
 I was hoping to explain this situation to the women at the front desk of WW. I did & walked away very confused & disappointed. She wouldn't let me weigh myself ? FIRST OF ALL... Weight Watchers is supposed to be helping people & i'd imagine something like this would be some kind of silly "oh yeah sure, I understand..." kind of situation.

This is several hours later & I'm clearly still upset. This may sound very petty, but this whole lifestyle change has been very important to me, I just feel this could have been taken care of better. I was offered no help. It just felt like a friend you had for so long..kinda just turns their back on you...saying "meh.."

The responsibility IS MINE to have a scale of course.-Yes
I'll be purchasing a scale of my own :] when I get to school. The less we have to bring over the better!
I won't let this damper my attitude towards WW or WWO in any way! It eels good to let out some of these frustrations here.

I will stick with the scale at the gym! so I'm counting my -0.4!!!
This will be my last week home for the SUMMER!! WOW , went by way too fast :p


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