Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Weight Watchers Weigh in!

This is exciting & scary because I did very well this week! At least for me thinking about how last week was 2 pound loss that it would be a little less or around that same number.Well, shows what I know!

  • This week I lost 7.6 lb's :]
  •  Down to 299 lbs! 
  • My Total Loss: 20.6 lbs!

Haha it was funny I came into the meeting before anybody & the leader was in the front, so I was just going to get weighed in the front. No problem, I got weighed in the front...(at this point I hadn't seen the scale numbers *not expecting anything special*). The meeting leader says "Wow, let's go to the back and check if that's right". Still not knowing what it was in the first place go to the back & weigh in again. I was thankful since I would sincerely like to know how I'm doing. I'm still standing there looking at 299.8 (OH! That means UNDER 300...uhh yes please, that was my summer goal before I get back to school.  College is starting back up in about 6 weeks! ) & not reacting at all. haha I don't think I realized till she said "Wow, you don't seem surprised or excited!"
- haha anyways, I was of course but it just took me longer than usual to realize what just went on :P

This is how I felt inside!

1st of all I'm scared because I don't know what I did differently this week. * Other than running out of Arizona tea & having to just drink water. BUT!!!- even when I did have Arizona I made an effort to fill half or more of my cup with water. I'm going to look at that more, since that's all I have to go on for now.  I'll look back at my tracker and see what I did differently without realizing maybe!?

Now I just need to keep myself from expecting anything for next week.I'd like to keep from setting myself up for disappointment.

On with the journey

+ The gym was great today. Since it was a pretty stormy afternoon there were more people than usual. I see this cycling class going on *looks kinda intense* & I'd like to try that one of these days before I get back to school.

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