Thursday, November 15, 2012


1st+Here'where ware at!

This Week = -1.6 lbs 
Current Weight= 276 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 45.6 lbs

It was lovely out this evening!!!
So! Turns out the bike I was talking about in my last post has old dry dad told me it's in need of some tlc! I found this out after riding around a little.
 BUT THEN ! I found my brothers bikes. He has two because he get into his "kicks" it was biking for a I took the more "friendly" looking bike for a ride.
UHHHHH...I have no idea how my brother sits on that seat. I'm prettyy sure that even if I weighed my ideal weight that seat would still have given me problems. I couldn't stand to go further than just around the neighborhood. The next morning I felt it, no details needed....but it was all very sore in all those kinds of areas.-haha

side note: I love the name of my seat on my old bike "CHEEKS". I'd rather ride around on those "Cheeks" anyday.

 Other than the fact that I will not be using my brother's bike anytime soon..and my need to wait a bit to get my own tires fixed, it was nice being back on a bike. We have bicycles at the gym...but it's just different. Till then, I'm still looking for soemthing that will get my weight changing again.
This routine is too much of a routine!

The other night we had shish kabobs! They were pretty darn good too.
Phew-Anyways- I'm feeling so much better being caught back up on my postings!
Goodnight Everyone
TGIF (almost)

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