Sunday, September 25, 2011

1st Time Making Tzatziki!

After a gloomy day we get this!- well worth it... 

Over the summer I was over a friends house & was tough how to make Tzatziki. I finally decided it was time to try something different. I bought all the ingredients I could recall were going to needed ( this is one of those times I wish I had a smart phone..I could have looked up the recipe). I think I did pretty well remembering thought! Tzatziki is pretty simple to make thankfully, the only item I forgot was the dill... I bought rosemary instead. :] I still used the rosemary in the recipe.

Next time I'll chop up some onions & use more cucumber
The Tzatziki was great & I have ideas for the next time I'll be making it! I looked here, more as a reference, I didn't follow a specific recipe. (next time I'll follow this one & see what happens)
Food Networks Tzarziki Recipie!

I also picked up some strawberry Special K protein Shake, I was buying the chocolate, again I felt like changing things up a bit! Just like the chocolate.. I think it tastes just like boost! I'm confident the Vanilla does as well.. but I still haven't tried that one.

I'm not sure what happened or what I bought differently... but my groceries were much more than they usually are. The only thing I can think of is I bought misc fruits & veggies. I've been shopping for myself for 4 years now & there is a huge difference when you are buying things that taste good (junk foods) v.s. what's "good for you".
When I think about what I was buying my past years in college my shopping list would look something like this:
Cocacola (had to have it)
Frozen Pizza ( sometimes I would finish these by myself in a shameful amount of time, pretty embarrassing!)
Bread (white)
red Meats
Macaroni in a box ( I recently looked at the nutrition facts on these boxes.. whoaaa :/ )
 * the list goes on but I'm not remembering atm
OHH yeah & cake.. because I felt like I could.
The point is.. I could buy all these items on sale or get one buy one.. & that week I'd have it.

Maybe it was just a weird week..not many sales on what I was running out of!

One more! right outside our apartment the color was dulled out when I uploaded it to picasa, I re-edited the color to have it match up with the original ( I'm surprised my camera picked up these wonderful colors!).

Ready for the week

Wallflower's Progress