Saturday, July 16, 2011

No excuses!

I made choices. They seemed right until after I had made them. BUT FIRST!
A view of the beach from the garage! (looking for the one of the umbrellas :] )
The beach was Beautiful today! The water was three wonderful shades of blue. Everyone out there had umbrellas that lined the shore with the cheerful summer feeling you look for when relaxing  at the beach. 

Confessions: I  had a tuna salad sandwich v.s very greasy pizza
The sandwich had mayo & the bread was white *super white, if there is such a thing..*
I honestly didn't even think about the bread until I had gotten it. In my head this was something I could live with eating...

but I'm glad I didn't & even if the pizza & the sandwich are just as bad as each other.. I feel like the intentions were good & I will have to get better at ordering away from home. This was hard for me since this place isa  very small busy place at the beach.


On the confession 2: I HAD STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE-CREAM ..witha  cone.
It was the smallest size. The bad part about this was that I didn't NEED it but had it anyways. We had just laid out on the beach for 3 hours- the cold was so nice! It could have been the best ice-cream cone I had ever had? I will not regret eating this after I write about it here.because really..what's the point of feeling guilty :] I ate it  & it's not like I gained my 21 pounds back. This occasion was very rare & I feel it was a great day {including what I ate} 

OHH!!! & the reason why I do feel a bit bad is because while me and my friend are sitting at the icecream place, I see someone order a fruit smoothie...fresh fruit..uhh BETTER CHOICE ?? heck yes! I would have absolutely gotten that instead.NO LIE. it looked great.
Now I know for next time.

as for the happens!
Let's keep going :]



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