Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weigh-in update! :D Believe-Worthy-Capable & Healthy

What a  great meeting this past week!

Current: 264.8 lbs
This week: -3.4 lbs
Total Loss: 55.2 lbs
Starting: 320 lbs

Since Yom Kippur and my Saturday meeting times didn't mix I went to the meeting on Thursday. I'm not sure I had ever gone at that time..but wow. The ladies and leader on Thursdays at 12 were amazing. The leader Jodie had this way about her that was so positive and fun. She took time to actually make little gift like things to hand out during the meeting. This last weekly had the theme of "believe", kick starting  this lifestyle change with a  good attitude!
She made everyone bracelets that had different words that also carried a theme through the weekly handouts:
Believe   Worthy   Capable   &   Healthy 
I wanted the believe bracelet (because it was pink! & also) because although all of these words are great to describe important changes that have started to come about since the beginning of this journey.. BELIEVE was the one that started everything.
At one point I used to believe I was stuck. Even purchasing  a size 4x size T-shirt (when I was still 3x) in belief i'd be needing it soon. I hadn't thought twice about why I bought it till I started my journey and realized I was feeling that hopeless.
I started believing in myself when I started to see changes in my progress and saw success with myself. Going to meetings and having support with people who are striving for the same goals has helped me believe in myself.

Hope everyone is having a great week

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rosh Hashanah & Weigh-in Update!

Photo from
Here's to a 
happy & a healthy sweet new year!

Over the holiday's my  this past week I gained 0.4
Last week's weigh in I lost 2 lbs.
So currently I'm at the total loss # of 51 lbs!

Challah and Honey = my weakness. It's just so good. :P This past week was kind of a "everything is up in the air". No meals were planned and I did lose track of actually tracking my food! Oh boy! 

This next week will be some more holidays..but that will be at the end of the week. I'll be going to the thursday WW meetings instead of my Saturday meetings.

I'm getting to a point where I am not sure if I can continue to afford my monthly fees and WW, the gym ( I was lucky and had my dad helping with the gym before, but I'll start paying for that now). I may be making a choice soon. I'm thinking about working out at home. Taking the dogs for long walks..swimming from home.. anything! This may start in September. I also have some workout DVDs. I always forget I could watch some on youtube as well.
Ha! Oh how I wish.... ( love this show & this man!)

For some reason this past week has felt so strange. It's a feeling as if my motivation is low and I have things to do but no energy to do them. Applying to all these jobs for SO LONG and no real positive responses has gotten to me. I think there is only so much a girl can take. BUT! I'm realizing now that this past week has been miserable because I feel like I'm giving up! So getting back on track will probably just help everything come together, food planning, and job searching.

OH! and Tonight!!!! is Rachael v.s Guy Kids cook off :) I've been seeing the ads for it and am so excited!? haha  SO I'll be watching this tonight with my mom.
It's the small things I guess.

Hoping to get everything going again

also trying not to be discouraged 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Weigh-In Triggers & a yummy snack!

So, applying for jobs has never been fun.. editing resumes and cover letters for each new application has pretty much been my year. A year..seriously. I can't help but feel a bit bad about myself after being unemployed for this long. I've been working freelance but that's not steady (though it is SOMETHING). Hearing back from employers has been a trigger for me in the past. That's what I've been working on the past few weeks.

Paying attention to these stress triggers has been helping me. At one point I found myself going to take a snack break after every job I applied to.  :/ I found that was a trigger also, I realized I got this nervous feeling after sending my applications in and that would be a trigger. KNOWING THAT HELPS. Instead make sure I have my glass of  arizona green tea /water mixture.

This weeks weigh-in :)
This week=268.8 (-2.8)
Last week= 271.6
Start Weight= 320
Total loss=51.2

It's almost time to start looking for new sneakers. My shoes I have now are just a year old and are at that point where you can see my socks right where my pinky toe is. 
Does anybody else's toes fall asleep while on the arc trainer or maybe the elliptical. I use the arc trainer, but I'd assume this would happen on an elliptical as well? It usually happens around the 20 minute mark??? 
This stuff is great! I love the peach flavor. I've noticed these are kinda ...creamier? not as thick as the original Activia. But in a good way. :) Great snack, I sprinkle a little bit  of granola on top. yum
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


My meeting was Saturday morning. I lost 2 lbs!  It's crazy how hard it was to just keep myself from going off track. I was very good this past week and tracked everything. 

As far as my mom, we went grocery shopping & I'm happy to say that we got tons of fresh veggies and fruits. :) half a watermelon for $1.00 ? Yes please. 

So, breaking bad and dexter are on at the same times and I don't have a Dvr. :( so ill be watching breaking bad at 9 (now) and dexter at 12. 

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Family health!

Yeah, here i am instagraming my breakfast!

This week was definitely an eye opener. 
1st: last weight watchers meetings my friend told me she had literally just heard her father had a heart attack. He doesn't reside here so she couldn't do anything in that immediate  time. Of course we talked for a while and she says she wants to help her dad be more health conscious. Her attitude in this situation was very positive in a very negative situation. 
( she flew over to her dad the next day and he had a successful safe surgery. He now has a stint in his heart and is recovering. )
This made me think a lot about why we are doing this....
A few days later my mom comes home from a dr. Appointment and tells us she is diabetic now. 
Turns out the past few times shes gone to the dr. They had warned her.I HAD NO IDEA. I know what's done is done and now there is only one thing to do.Continue and help her out. 

BUT! I'm a little upset at myself because I ask how the dr appointments go. I ask her about her aches and pains. All I want is to help and see what we've got to do to fix it. But the responses are usually short and not to detailed. Just a little hurt that she felt she needed to keep it all to herself. 

Her attitude towards the news is keeping me optimistic. Hopefully this can bring a new way of eating in our entire house. Now that it's not just me trying to be health conscious.  Well see. My family is very supportive but my dad insists he needs cookies ( Oreos) in the house.  Oy! 

We've been looking up new foods. Her diet will pretty much change drastically.. For the better. It was always hard to get my mom to try new foods, so I'm hoping health in general will be the push she needs. I'm glad to look up recipes and exercises we can do together. Probably pool workouts because her knees are bothering her? Hmm 

My weigh in is tomorrow! 
Hope everyone had a great week :) 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New breakfast idea!

NOT THE BEST PICTURE.... but it's good, I promise!
Well at least for me , it's new! 
I've started making a tasty new side for my eggs. It would be great as a side for dinner or a snack in the afternoon. 

Here's what the recipe calls for:

Chickpeas ( I used one can)
Spinach ( I didn't measure since I love spinach anyways and am making a large batch for my family) but I'd say to keep the amount of spinach a little less than the amount of chickpeas . 
Diced tomato ( half a can)
Garlic (a couple cloves , minced )* I love garlic but sometimes it's too much in the mornings. I didn't add garlic the last few times I've made this.
& finally a tiny bit of cheese, we had a bag of shredded mixed cheese at home...  So I used a bit of that. 

All of these ingredients get heated in a pan. 
I start off with the spinach 1st if its frozen,  if the spinach is fresh add chickpeas and let the chickpeas heat up in the pan for a bit. ( medium heat)
After the chickpeas are heated add spinach ( if not already), diced tomato,  optional* garlic  and then finally some cheese! I let it sit on low for a while... 

This makes a good amount and  pretty filling!  I used most of my ingredients from cans and frozen veggies . I'm sure it's great all fresh as well!

Here's to another phone entry! I wrote something totally different the other day. But of course it wasn't saved correctly! My bad! I remember what I wrote though.. So it'll be saved for another time. 

I'm going to the gym in about an hour. :) 
Hope everyone is having a great week. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weigh-in update!

I'm still using my phone to post. For now it's just easier.  My Internet keeps logging me in and out! ahh! 

I went to my Ww meeting this morning and the leader wasn't there ( we had a sub).. But my friends from Ww that have been busy & one has been sick for a month! I feel much better having these two back in the meetings with me. 

Another yummy looking breakfast idea! 

269.2 was my weight this week!
She calculated -2 lbs but I calculated back home that its -1.6 rather... 
Ah! It confuses me so much when they mix up the numbers. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
It's been raining all week here -

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Super Complain-y blog post! Hooray! / friend issues...

I saw this on instagram & thought it looked like a cool idea... Just need some almonds! 

I wrote an draft entry last night while watching extreme weigh loss! :( I don't see the draft anywhere on my phone app? Anyways... I guess I'll be writing and posting this all at one time.

I had a few things I kind of was having issues with this past week. 

I stayed over a friends house and made it a long weekend since this person lives so far away. 

There have been several times where I come over for the weekend and my friend has pretty much 'double booked'. The situation has turned out to my staying at her family's house babysitting the dogs while they go out for 1.) dinner with her family ( whom I've known since I was in 2nd grade, we are 24 now). 2.) to a dinner ball ((((ate you kidding me?!)
It was awesome watching the family get dressed and ready to leave me home with their dogs.  Both times I had no ore warning or heads up... If I had.. U probably wouldn't have gone that weekend. 

I know most people would think... Wow why don't you say anything?! If you guys have been friends so long why don't you say something? 

I wonder the same thing, I end up feeling so shitty after spending time with this person. They make me feel so insignificant as a friend. 

This journey has actually helped me appreciate myself as a person more. I feel I'm worth more and my time should be spent around time that actually appreciate me. 

I could almost blame myself for not saying anything previously in these situations.. I never even showed that it bothered me previously. I was just so shy and my self-esteem was so low. 

I'm happy to say I don't feel I deserve to be treated like that at all. 

This past weekend I find myself reluctantly going over this friends house. I have very mixed feeling about it but in the end I decide, why it? I m sure this weekend will be fine.

My friend "Alice" wanted me to meet somebody , lets call her "Carol". Carol is  this older women she met recently and has been spending a lot of time with. 
Carol is very sweet and I'm always glad to meet new friends young or old, it's all good. But pretty much what happened was just kind of crazy...

"Alice" and I had gone to pickup "carol". Carol wanted to change before going to dinner, since she is pretty much 65 and expressed wanting to get more comfortable we drove back to carols place for her to change.  She also may have expressed being a bit slower. That's fine, I've always been very patient. 

Alice and I wait downstairs in the car for an hour and a half for carol to change. At that point I just thought it was cute and kinda funny how long it took to get changed. Alice said she knew it would take long... But Alice and I had some time to talk in the car while carol was changing. ( but mostly just seemed like a good time for Alice to check her phone and text)  another not so fun thing that happens often.

We went to a nice little Italian place carol said shed like to go to. I'm always open.. I honestly just wanted the cheapest thing I could get, my bank app wasn't working on my phone:) yay. Haha a slice of pizza was $2.00.  I ate slow because my friends Alice and carol got meals and I am used to sitting and talking for a long time before, during and after dinner. BUT--We sat there pretty much till everyone was gone and the place was close to closing. At this point I'm seeing carol has been THE only one talking, nonstop. She's talented, I've never met anyone who could seamlessly talk for so many hours. 

Then we decided to walk around a bit. We went to a shopping center that is open at night for clubs and bars. We walked around and found a place to sit. I think we actually sat there at around 10 pm.  Can I just say we were sitting with this women for 5 hours. Can I also just say carol was talking nonstop for that many hours. At 1st I was attentive to listen to someone's stories and hear her share some of her life stories. I'm surprised I didn't get her social security number along with her family's. alright so now I'm getting mean... But seriously I don't think I can even accurately describe what those 5 hours on that bench were like.
No joke I feel like I was invisible and was watching Alice and carol on a romantic date. By the end I thought I'd just play on my phone. I NEVER. Ever EVER TAKE OUT MY PHONE TO TEXT , TALK much MUCH LESS TO PLAY A GAME.  I did all of the above. Loudly... Rudely- sighs were made.... comon!!! This was at the 3 and a half hour mark... My patients was running very thin. 
As I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe this doesn't sound like something I should be getting upset over. But who knows. After the night was through. Finally walking back to the car at 2am
Carol finally takes a break talking as we walk to the car. 
I----- miles ahead (not actually) but I'm definitely not walking with the two.... 

Alice and carol try and talk to me as if I had just become un-invisible! Oh.... What?! Did my invisibility run out? Hu. ? Weird..

I pretty much ignore the Heck out of the two. I honestly have the hardest time showing people ( friends, not strangers!)  I'm mad. But I think they got the clue. What bothers me is that they probably had no idea why. 

Just to make this clear and for the sake of lists...
Why I'm mad and very confused about my friendship with "Alice":

Plans are supposed to be plans, I've been double booked several times with this person.

Every time I come home, I'm thankful to be back home.... But also come home just upset because I always feel like I was taken advantage of or just taken for granted.

There are other things that bother me just as much... But they get personal and  more complain-y than this.... If that's even possible. 

Since I've typed this with one finger I apologize for any weird words that may have snuck in here with spellcheck! Haha 

Well that's the end for my friend issues... I guess this is me kinda working out my feelings by putting it all out there. 

Not sure this is a good idea... But there are no names and I don't feel like I said anything that horrible... It's just what happened :/

Thanks - hope everyone is having a great week


Sunday, July 14, 2013

NSV/ Goal Clothes/ Meds? & Weigh-in

An urn flower I found outback
I had to stop an admire the sky for a few.. other than those 5 minutes, the rest of the weekend it rained. Glad I could capture this rarity.
This week=271.2
Last week= 270.8
Start Weight= 320
Total loss=48.8
Alright.. here it goes...
Remember I said my doctor may have warned me about gaining a bit on the pill I started ( waited till monday to start) after my last Dr. Visit? If not- she did. I also figured I better not actually think "I'm going to gain b/c of my pill" or else that may just give me an "oh, well" attitude..
Knowing this I eat as clean as I was when I was losing in past weeks. Stretching, doing little exercises during the day when there were small chunks of time. As Well as going to the gym and swimming for an hour on the say I had gym, but couldn't go because my side was hurting. (BTW The pool was an amazing saviour at that point.)

Alright, well my point is with all the work I put in this week, going in knowing I had new meds... I came out gaining half a pound. Sure it's not permanent... but BOY WAS I SHOCKED. Kinda just stood there wondering...this scale...*squinting* kinda wondering if it was my position on the scale.- yeah right! haha. Maybe I took it hard because I was so close to 50! AH!

I'll keep an eye on it, there are a few alternatives to this medicine so I'll see what happens this next weekend.. or I may ask about some alternatives.

I may have mentioned I found out I'm no longer size 12 shoe! Now I can finally shop for size 10 shoe... I think's been a long while since I've looked in the 10's.  Oh, so many more selections. Hunting for size 11/ 12 was kinda like treasure hunting sometimes.

So when I found out, I was trying on these shoes I seriously just loved, I tried it on in 12. Nope- too big, that happens (no biggie) moving on to 11... no again. I was about to just give up but then I saw the same pair in 10.

Wishfull thinking, I try them on- what a fluke! they fit. I try on almost all the 10's at that point. One after another. It took awhile for me to catch on, seriously! this must be why all most of my shoes back home have been slipping off when I walk. DUH. I think I live on another planet sometimes. Feet shrink, now I know.
Size 10! So proud! Is that silly? Plus these were majorly on sale- win win.

This is not my final goal "outfit" top, but I did order it keeping in mind it may be a little tight. I don't usually buy clothes online but I saw this top and thought "okay, if this doesn't fit when I get it.. I could be a good goal top..". That's pretty much what ended up happening since it was a bit tight around the lower area.. near my hips.
this shirt is a 3x from Forever 21 Plus ( I love love love how all designers run smaller or larger for the "same sizes")
Let's just make it all universal. I don't think  anybody would mind...right?

I love the colllar and the cute buttons. 
So far this post proves something, I seem to be a polkadot fan. Just noticed.

Have a good weekend/ week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Alarm worked but my computer didn't.. Weigh-In Update

Soo I have my blog alarm... that's all fine it reminded me after my WW meeting. I get on my computer, wifi signal "up and working" but the internet says its not connected...this happens often now that this computer is almost 5 years old. One of my friends who has the same exact computer got hers at the same exact day as I did is having computer problems. She actually ended up needed to purchase a new one because the parts for our model computer is "ancient" in computer land apparently. I finally restarted my computer this morning, once again and I'm not getting an error message!

My lunch at work yesterday. A turkey wrap with a piece of swiss and less than a tsp of  thousand island. Also some string cheese and an Orange.

Weigh-In (Saturday)
This week=270.8 (-1.6 lbs this week!)
Last week= 272.4.2 
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 49.2 <-- almost 50  
This past week was hard, What helped most was tracking my food. I guess that's why they emphasize tracking! I'm still using an app on my phone to track with my friend.

The other day I was at the Dr.s for an annual check-up. I am starting a pill that "may increase weigh" ummm..... perfect? Ugh. I'm trying to not even thing about it, because it "MAY"not effect my weight at all. I almost wish they hadn't even said anything.

I sat/jumped/ (i don't know what I did) on my bed last night and I felt this weird kind of cramping pain in my side where I my leg upper side of my leg hurts when I walk. :/ I'm thinking it will "work itself out", at least that's what my dad told me.
I was at a friends house and found all these amazing plants..
My planner came in a while ago, but since it was pre-ordered and it  starts in August... I have some time to wait before I start using it.

We went toa neighborhood just outside the beach to watch the fireworks this  year, it was wonderful. My family is almost impossible to get out without an it was a miracle to get them out to see fireworks. Success!

Hope everyone has a good week-


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keeping Motivation UP and Weight DOWN!

This week=272.4 (-3 lbs this week!)
Last week= 276.2 
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 47.6

Enjoying a CLIF bar while also enjoying my favorite tree, it's finally in bloom.  It's funny how the bloom is always on time for summer. Nature is amazing.

Some of my breakfasts from this past week. I've been trying to change it up! I was having the same thing every morning for a while.

Heres to a great week!

It's funny when you eat better for while you actually just feel more energized(No kidding! Right?). It's a start to a great cycle. The intended cycle is to stay motivated from this positive week and continue!

I tracked all my food on an app called lose it. I'm keeping track of my points on the small tracker papers they give you at the meetings. I'm doing both because a friend of mine is also working hard and getting healthy. She asked me to follow along on the app with her. I've mentioned before how I think it's extremely helpful not to do this alone. It's great motivation when you have support of others reaching for the same goals (that goes for almost everything).
I've been spending some sare time working on getting my supplies organized. Next up is my paint box... it's always been a challenge. (Pens down/ paints to go)

My planner is on it's way :) last time I checked it was in Boca Raton and last night Orlando. I'm kinda stalking my journal on it's journey here! It's WONDERFUL! Thank you for the ability to track mail!

Couldn't sleep a wink till about 6 in the morning the other day... this was happening out my window. Do I seriously sleep through this lovely sky every morning?
 OH!!!! OH BOY! last but not least-- Is anybody else overly excited about the new season of Dexter coming back on Tomorrow night!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Facing my fears (the scale)

Tonights Dinner! Sushi with Brown Rice

Last week I never weighed in knowing full well it wouldn't be great news. That wasn't the best way to go about trying to fix the problem. I'n the process of not knowing how much I had gained  since last weekend I've been in the dark for two weeks till this weekend! Horray! :(
This mornings breakfast 1 slice of salami and 2 regular eggs

This week I walked into the WW meeting looking to start with a fresh outlook on my weigh-ins. The women weighing me in is a fellow member and sits in on the meetings. Just recently she started helping with the weigh-ins. Anyways, sometimes when you weigh-in, the person that fills in the cards really makes a difference. Sometimes it's just "you are a little up this week".. instead she offered her feelings on how it's just a bump in the road and so on... that made it a little less horrible but I still am facing  this past weeks numbers.

Last week= 271.2 
This week= 276.2 (+5)
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 48.8

Turns out when I was feeling "under the weather" last post I had no clue it would get worse. I thought it was one of those couple days kinda sore throats.. I ended up making a trip to the Dr. on friday to get some medicine for my "head cold". Nope!  I have a viral infection.. it's almost gone at this point but I lost my voice for a better part of the day yesterday. 

Does anybody else have an obsession with trying to organize everything?! I think I do. 
I finally decided it would be a good idea to get a day planner. 
Let me just say .. I'm veryy excited to have ordered one. I'll be getting it sometime next month, so today has been all about pre-organizing before my planner gets here.

I was choosing between these two :) I chose the one on the right. I searched for a while and finally found one  that was exactly what I wanted. I read lots of great reviews.

Time management has always been such a  challenge for me, I honestly wonder how people "just do it". I need reminders, charts and lists. ( how horrible is it that all of the above just excites me??)

Getting better (in more way than one..)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Undertheweather & weigh-in ?

What weight-in?! 

Last meeting I did the following:

  1. Signed in

  2. listen to the meeting leader
  3.  talked to some friends
  4.  and then left.

 Was there something I had forgot? Yes. Did I kinda sorta mean to "forget"? Yes. I meaningfully didn't weigh-in because I was scared.

I'm thinking this isn't a great habit to fall into (for myself). For instance I have a friend who doesn't like weighing-in every week... she does better not knowing for about a month or so. This is proving to be a method that doesn't really work for me. I am scared to face the fact that I may have just gained more after I thought I would start making better choices.

The Stress factor
As a freelance artist I had recently had a long issue of a "client" not paying me for work I had delivered on. I proceeded to call their place of work (leave a message), their cell phone (leave a message), E-mail them and finally text them, I did this everyday for an embarrassingly long time. They did occasionally answer (never in a returned phone call, but rather text) but it was always a vague answer and never really an answer.

Yesterday was the day after about 8 months(?) that they finally decided it was time for them to pay me. This freelance job I'm referencing was one f my first freelance Illustration jobs and I had made a pretty massive mistake right out the gate! I hadn't made an official contract, what I had was an E-mail that my client agreed to but it seems kind of informal.

Lesson Learned.
by (not mine but oh so true)
Silver Lining
On the exact day that I had finally ended my struggle on getting paid.. I was contacted for a new freelance illustration job. It also just so happens to be another logo! Here's to a fresh start with a new client.

In my last meeting someone mentioned "When you are busy, it's less likely for you to eat all day.." or something along those lines. I am home usually, job hunting and when I do take a "break" my kitchen is always right around the corner. Since I can't move the distance between my kitchen and my room I plan on filling up my schedule and being more productive.
Instead of setting alarms for only waking up maybe I'll set alarms for things that need to get done.
Weeks are flying by like nothing at the moment.
Blog entry alarm could really help me out too. haha

I'll be weighing in this week on Saturday. Even if I'm scared but hopefully won't have to be.

Good Afternoon!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ECXITED!!! (What did I miss!?)

I'm still on the WW program, I actually signed up for the Monthly Pass (it's cheaper than paying every week).
The last time I weighed in (here) I was 266.4

Currently I'm= 270.4
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 49 

I was off track and gained 5lbs while on 'vacation' for a few weeks!
Not okay! especially since it was so hard getting out of 270's in the 1st place.

Since my last entry, I have not been on Blogger at all! Let me just say, sincerely.. it feels so homey seeing everyones posts again and seeing the different blogs/ styles of writings and so on... (it's like walking back into your home after being away for a long time and seeing where you left all your things..)

So to continue with this (blog/ everyones blog) as another great weightloss tool..

It's also kind of funny because tonight a show I found very inspiring is coming back to air! TONIGHT! kinda excited? YES!

ABC's Extreme Makeover 
Weigh-loss Edition with Chris Powell!

It may be a bit of a turn off to some people( it being a tv show and so on) but I love the show and have found it useful in my own weigh-loss journey. This show was almost like my weekly reminder of what I was doing and that it's all very possible. Not easy but possible :)

It's nice being home sweet home (blog wise) haha
Good Night!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Testing testing ( small update) (-:

1st things 1st
There are a few first things. I am carefully typing this post through my phone! This is very exciting! Hello everybody! I'm new to the 2000's! Seriously excited... There is a blogger app and weight watchers app. The weight watchers app will be of more use when I become a monthly member. (I've been paying by week)! So all those things are probably more exciting than they should be!

My next 1st thing (haha) is I finally had my gallbladder removed! The surgery was 11am yesterday the 29th. Everything went well :) and I suppose I'll be recovering for a little. I forgot to weigh- in on Thursday ( since Ww meetings in my area ,at least don't happen on Friday mornings).

I've been sleeping a lot and pre- made myself lots of yummy matzo ball soup beforehand! Btw happy Passover and almost Easter.

Some of my frustrations that keep me from updating are
1. My slow horrible terrible Internet connection in my room

That's about it... Some good news now is this app. The wifi on my phone is way better :/ weird hu? Same wifi different devices. I had my computer " fixed" once and now it's just not the same. That was a while ago! Anywho, I'll be stopping now haha.
So, recovering, sleeping, blogger and Netflix app (another omg wtf thank you) liquids and the unfortunate getting up and sitting down to pee! Tmi? Sorry :p I'm not seeing anyway to add pictures at this very moment!
Back to sleep! These meds are heavy duty! I'm hoping when I look back at what I wrote I wasn't just pressing numbers and symbols!

Last thing!!! I love this!! Found how to add pics! Here are some from the past week ! You know, Passover, dogs, and more Passover :)

Good morning
Wallflower <3

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weigh-In & Birthday things!

This Week = -1.2 lbs 
Current Weight= 266.4 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 53.6 lbs

This week was a loss! YAY
So, there are a few events coming up very soon! Passover will be starting this monday! How exciting ( but not has got to be one of my least favorite jewish holidays..)!
Then later on in the week I'll finally be getting my galbladder surgery out of the way. It's been a long time coming. I'll be glad to have it done and start recovering already.

My birthday was great, I finally got to spend a birthday home with my family! The last four years I've been in College and my birthday is close to finals and all. :P So this year it was a bit different. 
The secret birthday box was opened!

Crunchies! "I'll be having these responsibly.." lol
I wonder how many people have tried these before? Milk chocolate with a honey comb inside!
Thanks :) 
For dinner we all went out to Bonefish Grill
I got the Lily's Chicken
it has artichoke hearts in top aswell as some delicious goat cheese...
I ended up not having all the goat cheese..but from what I tasted it was enough and very good!

Bonefish Grill gifted me a birthday chocolate :) Thanks!
there are strawberries sprinkled on top

I had a great 24th Birthday :)

+ loss this week !


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weigh-in!! Secret Birthday Present!!!?

This Week = +1.0 lbs 
Current Weight= 267.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 52.4 lbs

What  a busy week(s)!!

Alrighty, so this past week was a gain. Do I want to elaborate on my gain? 
Other than the fact that I snacked a lot? Nope! I'm 100% sure that's why I gained!
 It's now almost time for my next weigh-in!!!
Less snacking this week (yes, check!)
I don't have too much to update on  weigh-loss wise.

It's my 24th Birthday today! :) 

Hello Spring !!:)

I've been waiting more than a week to open this secret surprise birthday present!
Thanks to a good friend! :)

I've been using an ancient fossil of a phone for manyyyy years now, my family finally upgraded. I have a phone that I can take video and pictures with :) (big deal? yes! -to me!! :)  yay)  So much more convenient! I was thinking of getting a new camera that would record and be more compact and convenient for everyday. So, instead now I have a phone that can do it all. Hello 2013 goodbye 1990's!

Anyways, this time next week I'll be having my surgery! :) That's the next one!
Then after that..I'll be doing some healing and back to regular :)
Happy Spring everyone!

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