Monday, August 22, 2011

Face your fears

Refreshing snack after the gym!

To answer my own question! haha
-My fear was 'being judged',people are programed to judge- no matter what you do (I'm guilty of judging people!) anyways, I faced it as soon as I got a chance today!( we got out of class early) The gym at my college is actually really nice &  they had the machine I like (arc trainer) :]
I worked out for about 20 minutes & I might just go back later on today depending on how tired I am after my next class.
20 minutes doesn't sound like much, especially when I think about what I was doing back at the Y. Today is only the 1st day of the rest of the week & this year. I'm proud of myself.

This afternoon..
Turkey, Lettuce, swiss & hummus wrap. Trying to keep away from mayo..  the hummus was defiantly a tasty alternative!
I bought some tea the other day, after a small sip, I realized it was way too strong for me. I've been adding lot's of ice & water to this tea.

After eating this wrap... I was satisfied for a very long time. It was almost too much. Next time I'll try and cut it in half & save some for later. Not all at once :]
Also, this afternoon I was at Target with some friends & after checkout I had a very strange dizziness come over me( I had to find a place to just sit down).... my friends thought I was maybe hungry & should eat. I feel like it must be something else. I'm not sure what! I 'll be keeping a  close eye on it & maybe visit a doctor this friday * no class on fridays!*

Good afternoon!

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