Saturday, November 12, 2011

22nd WW Weigh In & Cute Floral Nails!

Current weight: 275.2
Total Loss: -44.8
Starting weight: 320
I'm a little sick of being stuck at 275 to 273... those numbers are really starting to get to me a bit... 
Ahh... I think I need to change it up a and exercise wise! Instead of this discouraging me, I'll let this motivate me to get past these numbers! I want to hit my -50 lbs lost.... it's so close & there is more after that! :) It's exciting.

Last night I had some trouble sleeping - since I had some time and had already removed some worn nail polish from a while back. I was inspired by my roommates lovely nails and decided to paint my own!
I also got inspiration, from a few weeks ago, I saw some floral designs painted on nails - here are mine now!
 Roses at my fingertips!
I wasn't sure they were working till the last touch of green. After the green was added it pulled together :)

I'm very happy with them!

While I was painting my nails I was also watching a movie in my Netflix Queue "Lost in Austen" the title threw me off at first but then read the description "After a dispute with her boyfriend, Amanda lands in the 19th-century world of author Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. While helping the Bennet sisters find husbands, Amanda accidentally causes problems that could alter the course of the tale. Throughout this British series, Amanda must balance her feelings for Mr. Darcy (Elliot Cowan) with her responsibility to the one of the world's greatest love stories. " Truth is I started watching it with my roommate hours before & she couldn't get past the beginning ( it  started off too slow for her taste :P ) I still wanted to watch it later & I was happy I did! This movie was so cute & very funny at times.

Okay! I bought a skateboard... it was only $4.00
The purchase was justified in my mind like so
" WHOA! I don't know how to skateboard.. but I could learn..."
" A new activity...? sounds good to me"
" It's just a small dose of nostalgia! "
The wheels even say "Rocket Power"!

Well.... now I have a kids skateboard!

It's 12:34 AM right now & someone is hammering away at something outside... I really feel like yelling at them. Maybe it's just headphone time... ( my window isn't opening so I can't yell at anyone) - I probably wouldn't be able to yell at anyone anyways, was never good at shouting


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