Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Stuff!

I've come up with an idea for my next assignment. The problem is... it was assigned more than a week ago. I've been having a problem trusting my ideas. I always figure my ideas are "too stupid" or "unoriginal", so it takes me a while to figure out what i'll be doing for assignments. Anyways, this particular project is due this Thursday. Though, I was surprised to see people at the same stage as I was today.
I can finish on time, I just wish I listened to myself more.

On a sweeter note
Just some B&BW item I picked up the other day :]

I love getting cute bags from places I shop at!

This is my first Wallflower product from B&BW (this one has a night light)

Might use this?

I ended up getting two of this scent "frosted cupcake"

Using this one 1st! my room smells great.. I'm  thinking this will be one of my favorites.

I loved the cute halloween packaging :] i'm surprised I controlled myself so well with all the halloween items in store haha

The night light adjusts with a dimmer (by itself) depending on how much light is in the room!

Last minute.. before we get out of the car it starts to pour! my clothes & shoes were soaked! :[ BUT I was happy to get home & plug in my new wallflower :]
It was another great weekend. Now I'm off to do some homework <3
 * running out of food, need to go grocery shopping soon..
I'd like to try and get some salmon, every time I look & see the price I change my mind... ( depends where I end up going I suppose)

Hope everyones Monday  went well!

Wallflower's Progress