Sunday, January 13, 2013

So close! So excited!!

This Week = -5.2 lbs 
Current Weight= 271.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 48.4lbs
1.6 lb. to go till I hit my lowest and my 50!

Weight Watchers-key rings... 

So, I had no idea people get a key ring for your %10 goal at WW....
I also had no idea there was a key charm for 25 lbs lost! The kay rings came up in the meeting today and I'd realized I hadn't gotten any of those things. Apparently there is another charm for 50 lbs lost, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to add another charm to this key ring next weekend! I the only one who had no idea these existed?

Some pictures from this past week!
My parents went out to lunch one afternoon and decided to bring me back a salad and a  Gyro. The salad is under the Gyro in the picture, it filled up the other side of the takeout box.  This was my first Gyro, and it was really very good!

A recipe I wanted to try from the new 360 booklet! We went to the market, I wrote down what I needed...and never remembered to get the flour :P

YAY! WW Keyring (the keyring = %10 and the Charm= 25 lb. 

Activia has always kinda been my savior!

The Light FF has actually been pretty good :}

This week I tried these Skinny Cow Ice-cream sandwiches, they are  great and low in points.

I keep forgetting... water is my FRIEND! Even though I have to pee more often....
ALL IN ALL, this past week was great, I feel like I'm finally totally back on track. I wasn't feeling %100 in the game. 

Hope everyone had a good week!

Good night!

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