Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Potato Fries [ Baked ]

Tonight we grilled!

I never got the final shot of the grilled chicken! :[ ugh. I guess we were all very hungry. Those pieces of chicken were HUGE!!! Everyone had one & that was more than plenty * I say this because, my brother can usually polish off about 3 pieces of chicken normally *
To marinate we used the Catalina Dressing that is on the side of the bowl. I'll figure out the points _____

Instead of frozen fries *that I wouldn't have eaten anyway* I opted to make sweet potato fries. These turned out so great & as you can see I took many pictures. * all kinda the same haha.

I cutt the potato into small thin strips so it would get a  crunch and cook through easily.I did not pour oil on these & instead saw more control in spraying the pan with Canola Oil & over the top of the fries , so they wouldn't get too dry. I used Cinnamon, some salt, & very little brown sugar. These were so great & they were all gone by the end of the meal.



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