Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tonight's Dinner! & Continuation [Photos]

Tonight's Dinner: 
Taco Shell , Boca meat , Fresh Guacamole & Sour Cream

The Guacamole was actually very nice. I'm normally a bigger fan of the California Avocados. In my last post I had a picture of the Florida Avocado  we were given by a friend.
Guacamole {Florida Avocado} Recipie here!
MMM this was great but ended up not eating the whole thing, it was very filling. I didn't want to force anything, I've noticed since starting WW I have never been totally stuffed. I've been satisfied & that really makes a difference. I was eating to eat it's different. :]

Just to show how I made the bowl type tortilla. I forgot where I found this. ( I will definitely try & find who I got this from!) Anyways, I just took  one of our smaller mugs & shaped the tortilla around the mug. Then baked it till it was crispy & took shape to the mug. Very nice trick! haha

Wallflower's Progress