Saturday, September 29, 2012

WW weigh-In & a Blerg moment...

This Weeks WW Weigh-In

This Week = -4.8 lbs
Current Weight= 276 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 44 lbs

YAY -4.8 this week :)!! I'm glad it's kinda making up for last weeks gain! PHEWWW!

 Anyways, this friday I went to the dentist and got some much needed work done. After the dentist I felt fine and brought a change of clothes with me for the gym,
i didnt want to make excuses not to got to the gym...I figured it's my mouth that is numb..."why not!? :D"
I go and realize trying to drink water with half a numb mouth is kinda hard.  It reminded me of this little segment of a 30 Rock episode, except while on the arc trainer machine.


owell... at least I went to the gym once this past week. The other days were very busy with the holidays and having friends and family over.

I'd also just like to take note that I just joined the WW 8 weeks till thanksgiving challange!!!!

This is my 1st real challenge that I signed up for 

UMMMM... I found a forum dedicated to Target Halloween 2012 :}
I'm hvaing way too much fun on here -----> 

Hope everyone has a great weekend/ week!

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